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A-B-C Case ErectorA-B-C’s Model 330T case erector/bottom sealer is the answer for packagers who need reliable, high-speed case erecting/ tape sealing for their packaging lines. The 330T is built for production with a heavy, channel steel box frame construction, mechanical main drive, and solid walking beam case transfer- features that are proven in production to provide reliable operation with less wear and maintenance. The low level, easy-load, case magazine automatically indexes case stacks into position ensuring continuous case feed. An extended magazine is offered to minimize line operator attention.

The Model 330T is built to accommodate real-world production situations. The case infeed is designed to run warped and band-marked cases and cases with poor manufacturer’s joints run smoothly due to the forgiving design of the case opening module. Cases are squared during transfer by the walking beam transport system and a dual belt conveyor maintains the square through tape sealing, for cases that provide optimal packing and palletizing.

The Model 330T offers no-tools changeover for an extended case range from 7”L x 5.75”W x 3”H to maximum 22-3/4”L x 16”W x 15”H, and operation is precisely controlled by PLC electronics with full access to all functions at the touchscreen operator panel.

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