Günther Burkhard

At Anuga FoodTec, a trade show held in March in Cologne, Germany, Bosch Packaging Technology introduced two lines for cleanfill applications. The technologies complement Bosch’s existing portfolio of aseptic solutions.

“Ultrasonic sealing, thermoforming and new packaging materials are just some examples of our ability to package food with even greater care, thus maintaining the quality of the product,” said Günther Burkhard, vice president sales of Bosch Packaging Technology in the liquid food business unit (pictured above).

Bosch designed the lines to be easily accessible to minimize changeover time. One example is the new TFC Thermoforming clean-fill machine, used for cold-chain products such as yogurt and desserts.

“Right from the start of the development stage, we paid careful attention to operating height, accessibility and hygienic design,” Burkhard said. The film track runs at a height of just one meter. All formatting equipment is easily accessible and specially designed to facilitate cleaning and changeover operations.

The SurePouch flexible stand-up pouches are an innovation that combines Bosch’s expertise in vertical flow wrappers with a variety of filling technologies for liquid and viscous products. The pouches are offered in two formats — the so-called “retail” for individual consumption and “foodservice” for professional use. Both packaging styles are produced, filled, sealed and equipped with a spout by the same machine. Burkhard said SurePouch is suitable for dairy products and concentrates, as well as still drinks and water.

The pouch is made of flexible material. Benefits are said to include high residual discharge levels and foldability for efficient disposal. The films are made of lightweight plastics and are much thinner compared to cartons, metal containers and cans.