If he came back to visit, grandfather William W. Weigel would recognize the log cabin and the large barn on his old farm. But he might not know the modern dairy processing firm that Broadacre Dairy has become.



At A Glance

Location: Powell, Tenn.

Interstate Milk Shippers: Plant 122. IMS ratings (January 2012) — Raw milk: 90; Enforcement: 97

History: Built in 1947. Last modernization program was 1990 to 1995

Size: 20,000 square feet

Production employees: 12

Products made: Milk (vitamin D whole, 2%, Skim D’Lite fat-free, 2% chocolate), buttermilk, egg nog, orange juice, brewed tea, fruit punch, lemonade

Formats: Dairy products are bottled in gallon, half-gallon, quart and pint containers. Nondairy beverages are bottled in half-gallons and pints.

Processing capacity: 40,000 gallons daily

Storage silos: Two raw silos, three standard tanks, three pasteurized silos, one heat-treated cream tank

Pasteurization type: High temperatue/short time

Filling lines: One. A second line is planned

Warehouse: 2,500-square-foot warehouse with 70-bay rack system. One 2,500-square-foot cooler


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