By Triangle Package Machinery Co.

Faster. Cleaner. Smarter. It’s not only an apt description for Triangle’s X-Series VFFS baggers, it also applies to production lines that currently employ Triangle baggers, weighers, tray loading and depositing systems. Whether you’re packaging shredded, crumbled, cubed, or grated cheese, we offer the perfect solution for your packaging challenge.


A leader in VFFS baggers and packaging equipment since 1923, Triangle’s bagging solutions are second to none, particularly when it comes to durability, sanitation, and flexibility. The X-Series Bagger is available in three different sanitation levels, including stainless steel, stainless steel washdown, and USDA/3A Models. Triangle will showcase its USDA/3A X-Series bagging machine at the International Cheese Technology Expo in Milwaukee, Booth 451, April 11-12, 2012.

The X-Serie‘s USDA model includes the following sanitation-enhanced features:
• Electropolished stainless steel frame with continuously welded frames ground smooth;
• Pivoting stainless steel control box and washdown rated servo motors;
• Extended stainless steel top plate with drain and cross members rotated 45-degrees to facilitate 'drip-drain-draw;'
• Stainless steel, bearing-free film rollers (patent-pending).
In addition to the bagger,Triangle also offers a stainless steel USDA-Certified forming tube assembly that is lighter and more sanitary than others on the market.

The X-Series also offers the flexibility to seal bags with Ultrasonic welding technology or traditional heat sealing. Ultrasonic technology is ideal for industries such as cheese that require 100% seal integrity for an airtight product. Benefits include savings on film and labor, higher OEE, and improved product quality. In many industries, it may reduce or eliminate the requirement to manually inspect 100% of bags for leakers, resulting in improved labor savings and higher throughput.

About Triangle
Founded in 1923, Triangle is a U.S. manufacturer of vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bag machines, combination weighers, bag-in-box systems, and a wide variety of depositing/tray-loading systems. Located in Chicago, IL (USA), Triangle offers a 120,000 sq ft facility that houses its entire manufacturing process from raw material fabrication through complete machine testing and checkout. Triangle’s after sales support is second-to-none and offers on-line troubleshooting, training, documentation and spare parts service.
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