Honeydrop teas

Honeydrop Beverages, New York, a producer of natural teas and juices made with a spoonful of honey, is growing its product range. “We are really excited to add three new, fresh brewed teas to the Honeydrop line,” says David Luks, CEO and founder. “We continue to work towards our goal of creating low-calorie beverages that taste great without using any refined sugars, artificial sweeteners or chemicals. Following the launch of our first three flavors, we listened closely to consumer feedback and developed a plan to introduce a series of simple, more traditional teas, which led to the introduction of our new Lemon, Lemon Ginger and Green Tea options.”

Joining Honeydrop’s current line (Blood Orange, Blueberry and Chamomile Tea), each bottle is made with fresh brewed teas and all-natural juices and contains 90 calories or fewer. In addition to offering functional health benefits, which range from immune boosters and antioxidants to digestive aids, calming qualities and more, with each bottle purchased, new beehives are built in communities across the country through the company’s “Buy a Bottle — Save a Bee” campaign. Each 14-ounce glass bottle of Honeydrop contains one tablespoon of pure wildflower honey, domestically sourced from regional beekeepers across the United States.