Tray sealer

Reiser and Ross Industries introduce the INPACK IN50 Inline Tray Sealer, their newest tray seal packaging machine. The fully automatic IN50 produces modified atmosphere packages (MAP) from preformed trays of almost any size or shape and can package fresh, refrigerated or frozen food products. It produces attractive, leak-proof, tamper-evident packages with superior seal integrity and extended shelf life. The IN50 is perfect for all types of sausage, meat, poultry, seafood, prepared food, produce and cheese packaging.

The IN50 greatly reduces downtime. Tooling changeovers between tray sizes are fast and easy and can be accomplished tool-free in under ten minutes. Plus, the IN50 features a patent pending upper tool that is comprised of multiple individual “seal/cut” modules. These individual modules are much easier to handle as compared to removing an entire tool set. They can be swapped out in minutes, significantly increasing uptime and production output.

The IN50 greatly reduces MAP gas consumption by up to 70%. Unlike conventional die box designs that fill the entire bottom tool with gas, the IN50 supplies gas to just the package. The gas savings alone will provide a speedy ROI.

The IN50 is easy to operate. Its full-color HMI touch screen uses icon-driven menus for easy navigation, stores hundreds of recipes, and supports multiple languages. It also provides the user with operator and maintenance tutorial videos.

The high-speed IN50 utilizes a servo-controlled lift station and tray transport system to operate at up to 15 cycles per minute. It can run up to 8 lanes of product. Its sanitary design and stainless steel construction provide the highest levels of hygiene and food safety.