The SD55 Case Packer from Impax is a very robust machine with simple design and manufacturing practices throughout. The frame of this machine is built from stainless steel, the enclosures have sloped tops which prevent moisture from coming into contact with the electrical gear. The machine is completely servo driven, which allows for precise motion and flexibility when the need for a product / pack pattern change arises. All these features allow the machine to fit within almost any environment.
The Wittenstein alpha HG+ gearbox used in this application aids in precise motion. Developed for high speed operation, the alpha HG+ offers smooth, quiet, servo-grade power transmission. Its innovative design has been applied in a variety of applications, including the SD55 Case Packer. After initial prototyping, it was discovered that the environmental conditions, which included caustic alkaline washdown detergents, were too caustic for the standard lacquer paint coating on the gearhead. Subsequent gearheads were provided with a nickel-plated surface finish, which sufficiently protects the device from the onset of corrosion. The HG+ gearheads are used on both the in-feed and out-feed conveyors, and they index up to 80 times per minute.
Impax Automation is an engineering company which believes that best-in-class technology breeds best-in-class designs. Impax Automation focuses on meeting end-of-line packaging equipment demands and concentrates on client needs to better understand specific application requirements. Their equipment is designed by using the highest quality 3D modeling software.

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