Lantech exhibited two of its high performance L Series automatic stretch wrappers, the RL Automatic and the SL Automatic, at this year’s Pack Expo in Las Vegas.
The RL Automatic is an ultra high speed ring straddle style stretch wrapper capable of wrapping up to 200 loads per hour. Its SL Automatic counterpart is an overhead straddle wrapper with throughput capabilities up to 120 loads per hour. Both machines feature a full complement of Lantech’s exclusive LeanWrap innovations that build specific stretch wrapping quality measures into each load that’s wrapped.
Stretch wrappers equipped with LeanWrap innovations produce “good loads” consistently, reliably, and at the lowest total cost. Good loads are “safe to ship” because they meet the following criteria:

1. Enough containment force is everywhere on the load.
2. Bonded to the pallet with a film cable.
3. Look good and have no long or dragging film tails.

LeanWrap innovations incorporated into the RL and SL automatics are Metered Film Delivery System , Pallet Grip®, and Load Seeking Clamp 4.0, all of which have been recognized by the U.S. Patent Office as well as many foreign patent offices.
An additional LeanWrap innovation included on all L Series Automatics is the Lantech exclusive Machine Generated Performance Data control system that provides production information and metrics on the quality of each load wrapped.
RL and SL customers report that they can wrap their loads better with their L Series machines than with conventional technology machines. Other benefits cited are:

1. More film choices
2. Higher operating speeds
3. Improved productivity
4. Reduced film breaks
5. Less maintenance
6. Lower cost per load

“The market is clearly seeing the performance advantages of the RL and SL Automatics,” says Allison Myers, Senior Marketing Product Manager for L Series Automatics. “They’re quickly replacing machines equipped with conventional technology and we expect this trend to accelerate.”
Lantech's packaging and productivity solutions include semiautomatic and automatic stretch wrapping; automatic case handling; shrink packaging; and pallet-load conveying systems.