Omega Engineering’s new UWPH-2-NEMA wireless pH temperature transmitter features a high-performance microprocessor-based wireless radio transmitter built into a NEMA enclosure. It transmits pH, temperature and signal strength in real time. It also comes with free software that converts PCs into a multi-channel chart recorder or data logger. This transmitter works with Omega’s UWTC series receivers for a complete wireless system, and is ideal for outdoor or high humidity applications, water treatment, chemical, food processing, waste treatment and disinfecting.

Omega Engineering Inc.


Southworth Products offers worker platforms that bring the worker to the work.These platforms feature custom-configured lifts that can be designed into most production lines and stable scissor lifts in stationary or movable configurations and in a multitude of platform sizes and lifting ranges.

Southworth Products Corp.


Armfield launched its new FT174X Modular Miniature-scale HTST/UHT Process System, which is said to be the most flexible heat treatment system on the market for use in laboratories. The whole unit is controlled by an 8-inch color touch-screen control panel that operates the tubular/plate heat exchangers, DSI unit or one of the many options that are available for this system. The system can also integrate an in-line homogenizer and can include the optional sterile filler, chilling unit and mixing tanks to form a full sterile or non-sterile miniature-scale production line.

Armfield Ltd.

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Lantech’s new LeanWrap products provide better loads, increased uptime, reduced film costs and support sustainability efforts through the innovations of No Film Break technology, Pallet Grip and the new Load Seeking Clamp. The patented No Film Break technology eliminates the reasons why film breaks. Pallet Grip, a patented design, locks the load to the pallet and ensures it won’t slide off during transit, which reduces the likelihood of damaged product. And the patented Load Seeking Clamp operates by moving to the edge of the load at the start of the wrap cycle and reduces film breaks by up to 25%.



Fogg Filler redesigned its bottle rinsers to reduce consumables by 50%; 65% for older models. By simplifying the valving process, Fogg reduced the load on wear components in the bottle clamps, and eliminated the on/off valve so it will not need to be rebuilt. In place of the on/off valve, Fogg increased the size and effectiveness of the collection pan, which now easily drains rinsing fluids to the optional built-in rinse recovery system to filter and reuse, saving 96-98.5% of fluid.

Fogg Co.


PEWE developed the Poly-E2 series DAF system to assist wastewater treatment facility operators. Other features include the Tru Counter Flo plate pack, the ParaLam Weir system, the integrated pipe flocculator and the ROGUE MAX RGT regenerative turbine aeration system. The Poly-E2 DAF operates with complete precision of the command control automated panel. The vessel is an all-welded polypropylene design, and the chassis is constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel with non-corroding components.

Process Engineered Water Equipment LLC


Spirax Sarco released a new range of VHT vent heads, suitable for vertical open-ended steam vent pipes. The vent heads are designed to safely discharge dry steam to the atmosphere at low velocity, protecting personnel from injury and buildings from damage and minimizing the nuisance of water spray on the surroundings. Plus, the new internal drain recovers condensate that would have otherwise been directed to an external drain, and removes the possibility of hot condensate exceeding temperature limitations of local drainage.

Spirax Sarco Inc.


R & D Ingredients

iTi Tropicals’ coconut water’s versatility provides a low-calorie base for 100% juice blends. For instance, the standard for coconut water is 5 brix. Thus a 60 brix concentrate can be diluted from 6.436 solids to 0.424 solids per gallon. This equates to one gallon of concentrate to 15.2 gallons of single strength. Plus, it blends easily due to its gentle flavor and translucent color and offers a low caloric load and well-known nutritional benefits.

iTi Tropicals


CP Kelco developed a set of products that are compliant to the regulatory requirements specified in the recent initiative to align international pharmacopoeias. The family of compliant products includes special grades of xanthan gum, pectin and cellulose gum that are tested under the new and expanded microbial requirements.

CP Kelco