A new X-ray inspection line is being launched by Loma Systems Inc. The Loma X4 system offers sensing technology, user-friendly interface and reduced cost. X4 line offers high-speed USB connectivity and a Windows XP operating system with an intuitive graphical touch screen display.

Loma Systems

A new X-ray inspection lineis being launched by Loma Systems Inc. The Loma X4 system offers sensing technology, user-friendly interface and reduced cost. X4 line offers high-speed USB connectivity and a Windows XP operating system with an intuitive graphical touch screen display. Product set-up is automated and can be accomplished with minimal training. The X4 line now incorporates line scan sensor for efficiency of X-ray to signal conversion, allowing the system to run at lower power and increases component life and reliability. This new technology improves the X4’s ability to detect a variety of contaminants including: ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel; glass; stones, ceramic and cement; calcified bones; polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Teflon fluoropolymers; natural rubber; and product or spice clumps. Optional Ethernet or LomaEnet connectivity allows the system to be tied in with other Loma inspection devices on one common network for easy access to all the data for management analysis.

Loma Systems Inc.

The new pre-made Expresstote bag from Curwoodlooks and performs like a travel bag and can hold up to 50 lbs of product. The package features sturdy nylon coex handles along with a wide-mouth opening, gusseted stand-up bottom and reclosable slider zipper for portability and convenience. It’s available in a range of clear, white, metallic or holographic materials, both barrier and non-barrier, and can be reverse-printed either flexo or rotogravure for a high-gloss, high-impact presentation at retail. Used commercially as a canned beverage pack that turns into an instant on-the-go chill pack simply by adding ice, the waterproof ExpressTote bag is ideal for any food or beverage that gets toted to sporting events, picnics, parties and the like. Once the product contents are depleted, the ExpressTote bag can be reused. Because of its sturdy construction and portability, the ExpressTote bag is also perfect for bulk scoopable or pourable products that would normally be housed in a multiwall bag, pail or tub.


Polypack Inc. will introducea shrink wrapper built for biodegradable film (PLA). The Eco-Bundler was created to multipack different size and shape products with PLA film. Polypack has worked in collaboration with Plastic Suppliers Inc., Earthfirst PLA film, and NatureWorks LLC, NatureWorks PLA, to develop this biodegradable shrink film to be used on the automatic Eco-Bundlershrink machine. The PLA (biodegradable film made with corn starch) film can be used on Polypack’s automatic shrink Eco-Bundler. Products are well protected since the shrink-wrap package is made with total closure, thus, protected from dust, water and scratches. In other company news, “Printed Film 24” wrappers are high-speed machines that provide registered print wraps at speeds to 60 wraps per minute single lane; 120 wraps per minute dual lanes. These machines are compact, and use single roll of film (clear or print registered). This machine provides the versatility to run a wide range of products. Easy to use equipment is small enough to fit into any production line. No air or vacuum is required for operation.

Polypack Inc.

Eastman Chemical Company introducesthe next generation of PET resins. Named ParaStar, these resins offer bottle clarity, product purity, production and supply chain efficiencies, claims the company. Because the solid-stating step has been eliminated, the process reduces energy usage compared to other PET resin production processes. ParaStar is a drop-in replacement for standard PET on bottle manufacturing equipment. Companies using this resin require no equipment or process changes.

Eastman Chemical Company

EPI’s Corner Labeling Systemshave been designed to apply labels to the leading or trailing edge of a carton. The label is applied to two sides of the package so that batch and product data can be seen on two sides. EPI labelers are easy to set-up and operate; they are designed with a minimum of moving or wear parts and have been engineered to operate 24/7 with low maintenance requirements. The trailing edge unit has a rigid mounting structure to minimize vibration with gentle tamp application.

EPI - Exact Packaging, Inc.

Fogg Filler has introducedthe F6.2 model to increase uptime and fill cleaner. The base is now sloped along the long axis, removing drain ports from the filling environment. As in the F6.1, an optional feature is to have the entire base constructed of stainless steel including the base plate, ribs, gussets and everything in the base weldment, which will fight against corrosion and make your machine last longer. There have also been some improvements to the layout for electrical and plumbing runs. Improvements on the starwheels have increased uptime. There is now a new spindle/hub design that allows for quick, easy removal of the clutch while leaving the gears/sprockets engaged. The new design also allows for independent adjustment of the taper bearings and positive clamping of the clutch.

Fogg Filler


IPL Packaging offersits full line of Tamper Evident containers and pails. Tamper Evident, injection-molded, plastic packaging pails in North America, ranging in size from 2 to 5 gal (8-18 liters), are available. The pails are suited for use on the packaging production line or in kitchens and bakeries to hold icing, glaze, pie filling and other baking and cooking products. IPL Packaging Tamper Evident containers are made of polypropolyene (Polypro) resin for hot fill applications. Due to its strength, Polypro resin will not warp during filling and will not become misshaped when the lid is placed on the container.