Gamajet Cleaning Systems announced the release of the Intrepid tank rinsing machine. The Intrepid offers fast, validatable tank rinsing with the 80% less water than the standard spray ball at the Same pressure. This type of cleaning (fast and thorough without the use of chemicals) is ideal for cleaning light liquids and powders. A 500 gallon tank that once took 10 minutes at 60 psi and 60 gpm with a spray ball now takes 4 minutes with only 15 gpm at the same pressure. In addition to the 510 gallons of water saved the tank will be cleaned thoroughly, every time without clogging.
Unlike traditional Gamajet rotary impingement tank cleaners, the Intrepid utilizes a unique "direct-driveî design, requiring no gear reduction. However, the machine still applies a concentrated streams in a complete, 360-degree pattern, like all other Gamajet machines. Patents have been applied for this unique direct drive design.
The average operating conditions for the Gamajet Intrepid are between 10-80psi and 5-20 gallons per minute. The Intrepid also incorporates a sanitary design, including FDA compliant materials, self-cleaning and draining capabilities and a high polish, sanitary finish, making it the ideal tank cleaning machine for both sanitary and industrial applications.
"Although 19 times out of 20 we find that Impingement tank cleaning is the most efficient tank cleaning method, our customers told us we needed something to deliver a "lighterî less expensive alternative for light residues that would significantly reduce the resources used by spray balls, and we delivered. We are very proud of the development of the Intrepid and feel it further enhances our reputation as the leader in tank cleaning technologyî says Bob Delaney, Chairman of Gamajet Cleaning Systems. The Gamajet Intrepid offers highly efficient and effective tank rinsing, and is a DIRECT change out for spray balls. Facilities can trial or purchase the Gamajet.

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