With the PET-Asept D Compact for dry-aseptics, Krones has created an ultra-flexible machine for the low output range, one that assures a high level of availability into the bargain. The PET-Asept D Compact is a genuine aseptic solution, a new, up-to-the-future technology based on a line acceptance-tested by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It no longer needs any sterile-water UHT system in order to operate: the containers and the isolator are sterilized with gaseous hydrogen peroxide. The machine itself is cleaned using caustic and acid, which means that peracetic acid and foam cleaning products are no longer required on the system. Its small footprint on a minimized floor area is comparable with linear machines.
In the core section, the machine’s design concept needs an area of merely six times two meters. In there, the containers are passed by a gripper conveyor system first through a pre-warming zone, then sterilized by means of gaseous H2O2 before entering the blow-out section of the sterilizer. After this, the containers are filled and capped. The height-adjustable conveyor is already isolated from the sterile zone, which means that minimized change-over time are achieved without any handling parts needing to be replaced. This innovative machine has an output range covering 6,000 to 12,000 containers an hour. It can be installed as a stand-alone line component or monobloc-synchronized with a stretch blow-molding machine.