ITW Muller’s Octopus 505 AL is said to be ideal for food and beverage manufacturers looking to increase productivity without compromising cost. An upgrade from the Octopus 303, the 505 AL is still compact but allows for the stretch wrapping of larger loads. In addition, its simple design and flexible network increases its overall versatility. With wrapping speeds up to 100 loads per hour it addresses the demands of what was previously met by the Octopus 606.
“We are continuously making improvements to our machines,” said Dan Schmidt, Business Development Manager at ITW Muller. “While the Octopus 303 is still very popular, the 505 AL was built for those customers with larger loads and a need for an integral top sheet that also needed more flexibility and throughput.”
The adjustable legs enable customers to easily change the wrap height. Its simple design with belt lifts and quick disconnect components further ensures minimal maintenance. In addition, it’s easily adaptable to a wide range of modular options and upgrades like the innovative Tail Tucker, Logo Wrap, and OctoMAX. The steel and aluminum frame also provides necessary strength while minimizing costs. Like all Octopus machines, the 505 AL’s high performance pre-stretch design can save customers up to 25% in film usage over other wrapping machines.
“The Octopus 505 AL is just one example of how we are meeting market demand,” said Schmidt. “As customers add more SKU’s, reduce primary packaging, and change product specifications, they want a stretch wrapper that can meet their ever- changing demands.”

ITW Muller