Danisco, Denmark, invested in expanding production of its functional fiber Litesse polydextrose in response to the strength of global demand for polydextrose.
With increasingly health-conscious consumers seeking food and beverage products that meet their dietary fiber needs, many food industry analysts predict annual growth rates for functional fiber to exceed the food industry average, reaching up to 10% per year over the next five years. Therefore, this investment represents an opportunity for Danisco to increase its presence in the fast-growing functional fiber market, which is today valued at in excess of $1 billion.
Health-driven demand
“Consumers are increasingly conscious of the role that diet plays in their health and well-being, and have become acutely aware that they are not consuming adequate levels of fiber,” says Michael Bond, global business director for Danisco’s functional fiber portfolio. “This means consumers are now actively searching out fiber alongside other nutritional benefits when taking responsibility for their own health, driving growth in the functional fiber market.”
Litesse – the better fiber
Litesse is a premium, low-calorie, soluble fiber and prebiotic that can improve the nutritional profiles of numerous foods and beverages through fiber enrichment, sugar reduction or replacement, calorie reduction or fat reduction. It offers tangible digestive health benefits with no toleration issues, encouraging consumer loyalty and repeat purchase.
“Litesse is a cornerstone of Danisco’s health and nutrition strategy – a fundamental approach to offering healthy solutions in all areas of the food industry and across health platforms,” says Fabienne Saadane-Oaks, president Danisco BioActives, Denmark.

Globally recognized
During its 30-year history, Litesse has become internationally recognized for the premium nutritional and functional benefits it provides.
“Increasing our production capabilities for Litesse perfectly positions Danisco to build on its success to date and capture the opportunities offered by the dynamic health and nutrition market,” says Maria Cecilia Londono, global vice president of fibers and extracts.
Litesse is a highly flexible, soluble fiber and food ingredient. At only 1 kcal/g, Litesse offers significant potential for reducing calories and adding fiber without impacting the consumer appeal of the end product in terms of taste and texture. Available in liquid and powder form and with excellent process and shelf stability, Litesse has reached success across all segments of the food and beverage industry, where it is recognized for its clean taste, ease of formulation and low cost.
The new capacity will be operational within the next 12 months.
Sarah-Jane Jumppanen, communications director
Danisco BioActives