Seydelmann is a worldwide leader in grating, grinding and mixing technology. Seydelmann offers a complete range of bowl cutters that can be used to produce a wide variety of processed cheese. Product structures from coarse chopping to very fine textures can be easily achieved, all with a uniform, homogenous mixing of the ingredients. Seydelmann bowl cutters are ideal for the production of cold pack cheese, cheese tubs, cheese balls and logs, cheese spreads and more.

Eliminate daily flushouts due to build up in HTST plate heat exchangers with the DynaShear dual-stage inline, high-shear disperser. Installing the DynaShear before the balance tank assures complete dispersion of powders, gums and stabilizers (no more lumps/graininess) and provides longer process runs and reduces water and CIP chemical usage. Plus, the stainless-steel mixing equipment meets or exceeds the strictest sanitary requirements and complies with 3-A third-party verification (TPV) and USDA-dairy standards.
Admix, Inc.

SPX has a comprehensive mixer portfolio that offers the flexibility to handle all types of products - quickly and efficiently. With mixing and blending being one of SPX’s core technologies and food safety having paramount importance in today’s plants, all APV-branded mixers are designed to the highest hygiene standards for easy cleanability. The specialized mixing and blending systems fulfill customer requirements in industries as diverse as processed food and beverage, dairy, brewing and personal care.
SPX Flow Technology

Lee Industries offers durable, customized processing equipment to meet the dairy industry needs. Mixer versatility and multibatch capabilities save processing time, and its 3A-approved fluid transfer valves are designed for high sanitary conditions. Lee offers sanitary finishes, ASME uniflow jackets, vacuum-pressure capability, heavy-duty USDA-approved direct drive agitators, double-ribbon, paddle and scrapped-surface combinations and hydralic tilting action.
Lee Industries, Inc.

The Tetra Almix is a complete mixing solution that handles a range of dairy products such as recombined milk to value-added liquid and cream-based products, with precise control. The high-shear mix unit and mixer tank are both designed to achieve maximum centrifugal force inside the tank. Working together, they literally beat the ingredients to pieces by creating a controlled turbulence that reaches its climax in the perforated stator. The Tetra Almix also puts an end to the air and foaming problem. The basic principle is maximum exposure to liquid in a vacuum environment.
Tetra Pak Processing

PremierTec products from Alfa Laval are designed to advance the liquid mixing process for the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Featuring an innovative magnetic mixer, the patented design has a strong magnetic coupling between the impeller and the driving magnets, which causes the impeller to levitate or float with no direct contact with the bearing surfaces. This allows for continued mixing until a tank is empty, and achieves a validated mix to a much lower tank level compared to other mixing products. As a result, the customer saves product, time and ultimately operating costs. The PremierTec portfolio also includes a range of specialty Pharma valves, often bundled together with mixers. All products maintain a 3.1 traceability with USP Class VI-compliant mixing components.
Alfa Laval Inc.

The DCI Dynamixer is designed to mix dry solids, semi-solids or liquids into a slurry or liquid product. This high-speed mixer/blender may also be used to quickly, efficiently and completely blend, disperse, reconstitute, dissolve, re-hydrate, pre-break or re-run soluble solids, soluble pastes and liquids. Insoluble products are dispersed into liquids to make suspensions and slurries with greater stability and homogeneity. Models are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and motor horsepower to fit a broad range of applications.
DCI Inc.

Chester-Jensen’s Model 70N Cooker-Cooler is a batch-mixing processor designed to cook, cool and super-blend food products all in the same vessel. Made from polished stainless steel, they are fully insulated and offer maximum ratio of heat exchange surface to unit’s volume. The unique dual-agitation configuration, along with heat-exchange jacket on the entire cone bottom, allows the operator to effectively combine and blend ingredients and, in so doing, process the most uniform-finished product possible. Sizes are available up to 1,000 gallons. Typical products include pizza/spaghetti sauce, meat, pastry and pie fillings, beans, pudding, burrito/taco mixes, candies, jellies and jams.
Chester-Jensen Co. Inc.

The Quadro Ytron Jet Mixer from Quadro Engineering has proven to be successful in bulk tank mixing and gentle handling of shear-sensitive products. The discharge of the Jet Mixer creates a pure axial flow pattern that eliminates vortexing, unwanted air entrainment and the need for hard-to-clean baffles. The Jet Mixer also removes stratification in large storage silos by maintaining complete tank motion of viscous, non-Newtonian fluids and easily suspends/re-suspends high-settling rate solids. It comes in five sanitary models.
Quadro Engineering Corp.