Spirax Sarco released STVM Dual Mix washdown stations, which economically and safely provide instantaneous hot water by blending steam and cold water to the required set temperatures. Designed to suit general cleaning applications where hot water is required, the station’s dual output systems allow steam and water pressures to operate without changing components. The dual outlet gives the user the ability to feed two different sources with one mixing unit, thus reducing energy-producing costs. The patented design mixing valve cartridge reduces the effects of scaling and mineral buildup.
Spirax Sarco Inc.

The SMART Trac II rapid fat and moisture analyzer from CEM Corp. analyzes twice as many samples per day as its predecessor, uses 95% less energy than conventional techniques and is said to be more accurate than competing technologies. It combines advanced NMR technology with the reliable drying capability of the SMART Turbo moisture/solids analyzer for fast and accurate fat and moisture analysis without solvents or costly calibrations. The system features an eight-second NMR analysis for fats and oils that is neither dependent on sample uniformity nor affected by changes in color or texture.
CEM Corp.

Bete’s new MaxiPass L (MPL) offers reliable spray performance under the most difficult conditions. Conventional low-flow whirl nozzles use a whirl-vane element machined from bar stock and have a variety of slots or holes strategically oriented to produce a vortex. Typically, the edges of these critically toleranced features are sharp and subject to accelerated corrosion rates. Corrosion of these surfaces removes material and this, in turn, affects spray performance. The clog-resistant design easily handles dirty, contaminated liquids, which eliminates corrosion and allows for a longer service life.
Bete Fog Nozzle Inc.

Teledyne TapTone developed a low-cost vision sensor for cap inspection. The sensor, sold under the brand name CapVu, is a non-contact inspection sensor designed to detect missing caps, high caps, cocked or tilted caps and missing tamper rings. The sensor incorporates a high-speed digital camera and LED back light housed in a stainless steel enclosure, and mounts on a variable height stand that is cantilevered over the customer’s existing conveyor.
Teledyne TapTone Package Inspection Systems

Urschel now offers part kits for existing Model CC-D Cheese Shredders. These kits increase the size of the enclosure surrounding the cutting zone, promoting a smoother product flow with a larger discharge area and diminishing product build-up. The CC-D Cheese Shredder offers a wide variety of slices, shreds and strip cuts and features easily interchangeable cutting heads, enabling switchover of heads in a matter of minutes.
Urschel Laboratories Inc.

To simplify the protection of bearings in variable frequency drive (VFD) motors, Electro Static Technology introduced the split-ring AEGIS bearing protection ring with conductive epoxy mounting. Developed for fast, easy field installation without detaching coupled equipment, the new split-ring kit offers effective long-term protection of AC motor bearings from electrical damage, providing a path of least resistance and safely channeling VFD-induced bearing currents to ground. The unit has a 360-degree circumferential inner ring of conductive microfibers permanently secured in place by the patented AEGIS FiberLock channel. By protecting bearings, the split-ring kit extends motor life, locking in energy savings to make VFD-controlled systems sustainable and truly “green.”
Electro Static Technology

Polypack’s bubble packaging is designed to offer superior protection and increased product stability and protection. This 100%-recyclable product reduces packaging costs and comes with an outer shrink wrap designed to offer branding and marketing opportunities.
Polypack Inc.

Omega Engineering released version No. 27 of its brochure, Dilbert New Horizons in Products for Sanitary Applications. This 180-page brochure features the latest information on top-selling products for the sanitary food, beverage, pharmaceutical, bio-medical and related process markets or lab operations, including the digital RTD thermometers with NEMA 4 enclosures for washdown, sanitary and marine applications. It also includes literature on sanitary temperature sensors, sanitary process sensors, control/displays, enclosures/components, sanitary laboratory instruments and data loggers. In addition, a user-friendly index is available for easy product search, economical choices, popular models and accessories.
Omega Engineering Inc.

Curwood’s new Curwood Advantage film is a high-barrier structure engineered specifically for vertical form/fill/seal bulk shredded cheese pouches. A drop-in replacement for industry standard bulk-shred applications, the film provides significant cost reduction and runs on existing equipment without compromising speed or machinability. The new structure also creates high-integrity seals at lower sealing temperatures, reducing energy usage. This versatile film is ideal for 5- to 20-pound applications.

CDF Corp. has a wide range of flexible products designed to satisfy the needs of product manufacturers and producers. For instance, its liners for intermediate bulk containers, drums and pails provide outstanding performance in critical food, cosmetic and chemical applications. The Cheertainer, an innovative form-fit, bag-in-box, is an ideal solution for small and large volume needs. Ranging from five to 20 liters, the Cheertainer is UN-certified and manufactured with CDF1 Smart Seal Technology. The Cheer Pack is a flexible, spouted single-serve retail pouch that’s currently being sold throughout Asia and Europe and has recently made its debut in North America. Meanwhile, the Smart Pail is a semi-rigid, flexible vacuum-formed plastic liner that comes with a hermetically sealed lid and/or snap-on plastic cover, corrugated box and corrugated lid.
CDF Corp.

RMT Robotics launched ADAM (Autonomous Delivery and Manipulation) for applications in lean manufacturing operations. The new software and hardware enhancements cater to industries that feature similar non-linear production logistics. The ADAM includes a laser range-finding system for vehicle location and obstacle avoidance; on-vehicle keypad interface and wireless call buttons; lithium-ion battery technology and charging for reliable uptime; on-board PC for mapping, navigation and drive control; compact, durable chassis with customizable top plate; user-friendly PC-based interface for easy operation; and a RAP (Reactive Audio Playback) module, which provides dynamic audio reactions based on location.
RMT Robotics

Tel-Tru Manufacturing expanded its line of RTD probe assemblies and temperature transmitters, specifically designed to operate safely in hazardous areas. The new models, ISPAA3 and INPAA3, are cCSAus Intrinsically Safe-certified to Class I, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C and D when used with approved zener barrier systems. The assemblies include a proven thin film PT100 platinum RTD sensing element, packaged in an all-welded 316L stainless steel probe. In addition, the assemblies come with an overall range capability of –60°F to 500°F.
Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co.

SciMed Technologies’ VitaKit A, a two-hour test for Vitamin A in fluid milk, is now AOAC-certified. VitaKit A allows for in-house testing and troubleshooting for dairy processors, while food analytical labs can provide rapid same-day service for their clients. Along with VitaKit D, vitamin testing is said to be easier, more efficient and environmentally friendly, using less than 1% of solvents required by high-performance liquid chromatography testing.
SciMed Technologies Inc.

Fogg Filler introduced the new Microb-Blaster for bottles, which is a UV-HEPA bottle sanitizer designed to sanitize bottles with UV light and simultaneously exchange the air inside the bottles with HEPA air filtration. It can achieve a 0.5- to four-log reduction on the exposed surfaces of the bottles. The patent-pending technology actively monitors the UV output to determine when the light source needs to be replaced.
Fogg Co.

Allen Flavors released a line of winter holiday gourmet coffee-roasting flavors. The Chocolage Gingerbread option, for instance, consists of a blend of dark caramelized sugar, sweet cooked cream and spices. The Almond Torreon flavor captures the sweet nutty aroma of freshly toasted almonds and notes of honey and vanilla. Autumn Harvest Berry is made of berries picked fresh from the garden, giving hints of blue, black, raspberry and wild strawberry nuances.
Allen Flavors Inc.

D.D. Williamson’s certified organic annatto extracts are designed to help food processors broaden their portfolio of consumer products labeled with the USDA organic logo. Previously, organic food manufacturers had to settle for “organic compliant” annatto extract. Now, customers can meet the requirements that a food formula is > 95% certified organic ingredients to claim “organic” and qualify for use of the USDA logo. The new products also conform to Canadian organic regulations.
D.D. Williamson Colors

In response to higher cocoa prices, David Michael & Co. re-launched Cocoa-Mate, a line of cocoa extenders that are functionally capable of replacing up to 50% of the cocoa powder used in a finished product. Cocoa-Mate is an excellent candidate for a number of applications, including ice cream, yogurt, beverages, puddings, toppings and bakery goods. Cocoa Mates are available to replace both Dutched cocoas and natural cocoas, and come in a natural or artificial option.
David Michael & Co.

Herza Schokolade developed a method for making sterile chocolate pieces that can be mixed with yogurt during the production process. To do so, Herza de-germs the cocoa beans or cocoa mass, sterilizes the chocolate paste, then produces and packs the pieces under sterile conditions. The chocolate pieces are delivered as pourable material in suitable packaging systems to be added easily to a dairy product or fruit preparation.
Herza Schokolade GmbH & Co. KG
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