American Conveyor has introduced the Chiller Tunnel XL-I, which provides excellent temperature maintenance capabilities for cool-down environments. The XL-I offers unique advantages for items such as cool hot-filled containers to ensure operational feasibility for label application and packaging systems. It also comes with a state-of-the-art water recycling and retention system with temperature regulation, automatic dynamic braking for controlled stops and starts, adjustable heights for product variation, heavy-duty variable speed conveyors, high-volume clog-free adjustable and removable spray nozzles and a high-powered adjustable discharge dryer air curtain.
American Conveyor

International Paper has launched a series of commemorative national park cups. Made from commercially compostable “ecotainers,” these cups feature eight different artistic renderings of iconic national parks along with an educational message about conservation and environmental stewardship. For each cup sold, International Paper will donate one penny, up to $1 million, to the National Park Foundation to be used to support the foundation’s efforts to protect national parks.
International Paper Co.

Hawk Measurement has introduced the Sultan Dual Transducer Acoustic Wave series designed for level, flow, positioning and collision protection for wastewater/water, mining, power stations, food, cement, plastics, grain, chemicals, paper, irrigation and quarries. The Sultan 34 Dual is a non-contact acoustic wave transmitter that measures levels of liquids, slurries and solids with the versatility of measuring two different applications at once. The unit is compatible with a wide range of communications such as DeviceNet, GosHawk, HART, Profibus DP and Profibus PA, Modbus and Foundation Fieldbus.
Hawk Measurement Systems

Omega Engineering showcases its top-selling technology in its new full-color, 68-page book titled Dilbert Blue Cat New Horizons in Wireless Communications, Version No. 16. It features the “Engineers’ Choice Award”-winning Smart Connector and top-selling products including the OM-84 series of compact wireless RFID temperature data loggers, the OS530-W9 series of handheld infrared thermometers with built-in wireless transmitter and the CTXL series of circular chart recorders with wireless sensor. In addition, it offers “Dilbert” cartoons and easy ordering options.
Omega Engineering Inc.

Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed has launched the XS3 AdvanChek X-ray CombiWeigher, which combines world-leading checkweighing and x-ray inspection technologies in one revolutionary and unique, space-saving system. It not only performs highly accurate over and underweight checkweighing, but also simultaneously inspects products for physical contaminants such as glass, metal, stone, bone and high-density plastics.
Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed

Lactotronic has developed the Globulyser, an analytical instrument that measures the homogenization rate and level in dairy products. The Globulyser predicts possible future cream separation as early as the production process and increases the speed of detection of possible deviations in the homogenization process.
512 546 022

Presto Lifts has introduced DXL Series Compact Scissor Lifts. These high-performance, industrial-duty lifts feature a smaller footprint than standard lifts while offering a full 2,000 pounds of lifting capacity. They are ideal for a wide variety of work positioning, assembly, repair and inspection applications in factories, warehouses, retail stores, repair shops and more.
Presto Lifts Inc.

R&D Ingredients

Kerry Ingredients & Flavours provides high-quality, shelf-stable coffee extracts under the brand name X-Café. With an extensive portfolio of premium coffee extracts for ready-to-dispense beverages or ingredient use, Kerry’s application experts and flavorists can offer practical solutions to specific formulation and processing issues. 
Kerry Ingredients & Flavours, X-Café division

Wild Flavors has created a line of vacation-themed solutions. For example, Natural Jamaican Sunrise is a tropical blend of blood orange and banana while Natural Strawberry Coconut combines fruity with creamy coconut, among others.
Wild Flavors Inc.

Color with confidence thanks to D.D. Williamson’s wide array of natural coloring. New to the lineup is Darkest Class One caramel color, which has low pH, high alcohol and high salt for natural food and beverages. The caramelized sugar flavor is a natural flavor stable in low pH while the Annatto extract is stable below pH 3.0 in flavor systems for yogurt.
D.D. Williamson Colors

Edlong’s latest innovation, Purefection, was developed through highly controlled, specific enzyme and culture reactions. Purefection products provide a great tasting, cost-effective means to optimize dairy in finished product formulations. Additionally, Purefection products are clean label and available in a variety of profiles.
Edlong Dairy Flavors