Danisco has extended its licensing agreement with Fonterra Co-operative Group for two probiotic bacteria cultures.

Danisco has extended its licensing agreement with Fonterra Co-operative Group for two probiotic bacteria cultures. Danisco’s agreement covers the production and marketing of their premium probiotic strains, Howaru Bifido and Rhamnosus, with the new terms extending from five to 10 years. 

The agreement also expands territory and applications meaning global access for dairy products, liquid and powdered beverages, such as juices, waters and sports drinks, dietary supplements, meats, cheeses, cereals, confectionery and straws.

In addition, there will no longer be restrictions on therapeutic fields, thus broadening the scope for the development of clinical studies and health claims.

Danisco first began licensing Fonterra-developed probiotics in 2001. Since then, Danisco has become a key player in driving probiotic market growth by providing not only clinically documented probiotics with digestive and immune health benefits, but by also creating new-end applications. Today the universe of probiotic applications has developed beyond the traditional dairy base, to many new segments including the successful and rapidly growing area of dietary supplements.

“Danisco is pleased with the new agreement,” said Scott Bush, VP marketing for health and nutrition at Danisco. “The expanded terms mean Danisco can offer Howaru Bifido and Rhamnosus, two of the most highly documented probiotic strains on the market, to customers anywhere in the world for a total range of applications and benefits.”

Nigel Little, Fonterra Ingredients’ manager for new options, said the agreement would see Fonterra continuing to work with Danisco to promote the benefits of the strains – developed at Fonterra’s Research Centre in New Zealand – to customers and consumers. “This expanded licensing agreement with Danisco is an example of Fonterra’s strategy to strengthen relationships with our partners and customers globally to drive value for their business and for our shareholders,” Little said. “The agreement highlights the importance of the research that has gone into developing these probiotic strains over the last 15 years and we’ll be working closely with Danisco to provide further clinical outcomes to reinforce their world leading efficacy.”www.danisco.com