The next generation of combiSmart, the screw cap for small carton packs from SIG Combibloc, is now available.

The next generation of combiSmart, the screw cap for small carton packs from SIG Combibloc, is now available. The new combiSmart has little “wings” on the sides of the screw cap, making it even easier to open.

Consumers like things to be practical and convenient, and the same applies when it comes to packaging solutions. With this in mind, SIG Combibloc has developed the screw cap combiSmart. This means, SIG Combibloc’s small-size aseptic carton packs can also be securely re-closed after initial opening. Smooth, measured pouring action and drinking straight from the carton pack is a breeze as well.

The three-part combiSmart consists of a flange, integrated cutting ring and a screw cap. The closure is applied to the closed and sealed carton pack by an applicator after the aseptic filling process has taken place. There is no need for pre-perforation of the cardboard; the cutting ring in the flange slices through the coated cardboard cleanly and effortlessly with a single twist.

CombiSmart has met with a great reception internationally. In Germany, well-known companies such as Milch Union Hocheifel and Immergut offer the closure on their dairy products sold in small aseptic carton packs. In Poland, dairy company SM Gostyn sells products in carton packs with combiSmart closures, and in Russia the screw cap can be found on a range of UHT dairy products from Unimilk.

With the addition of two little wings on the sides of the screw cap, combiSmart now gives a firmer grip, making it even easier to open, particularly for children and elderly people. The new combiSmart currently comes in red, blue, light blue, green and cream.Hanno Bertling, product manager for opening systems at SIG Combibloc, says: “Modern consumers are active and often ‘on the hop.’ They eat and drink when they get the chance, and as a result liquid snacks for on-the-go consumption are high drivers in the drinks industry. This means handy, small-size carton packs that are unbreakable and have a screw cap for reclosing are perfect for on-the-move drinking. So we have developed combiSmart for small package sizes. With combiSmart, the carton pack can be securely re-closed after taking a sip.”

But combiSmart is the perfect solution not just for satisfying that little thirst when you are on the go. As a kitchen aid, too, the screw cap offers clear benefits: The wide opening allows drip-free pouring and accurate dispensing of the product and secure re-closure of the carton pack afterwards. After initial opening, the carton pack contents continue to be protected against leakage and the effects of light and external odors in the refrigerator, making small carton packs a genuine alternative to food metal cans, glass and plastic, and the perfect packaging solution for products such as condensed milk, sauces and cream.SIG Combibloc is one of the world’s leading system suppliers of carton packaging and filling machines for beverages and food.

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