Happy 70th birthday, Elsie! 

Borden Milk is pulling out all the stops to honor America’s favorite “spokescow” this fall with a celebrity celebration, including a new children’s book honoring America’s iconic bovine. Selena Gomez, star of Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place,” will make a guest appearance at Elsie’s private birthday party at the State Fair of Texas to lead the singing of “Happy Birthday” and offer a toast of Borden’s cake-flavored milk to the famous cow with the smiley brown eyes.

“I grew up with Borden and have always been one of Elsie’s No. 1 fans,” Gomez said. “I am excited to help her celebrate her birthday and remind kids that Borden milk is a cool, fun drink that helps keep you fueled and ready for whatever you’re up to in your life.” 

To further commemorate the occasion, Borden is publishing a limited-edition children’s book about Elsie as part of its commitment to early childhood literacy. A champion of healthy reading habits, Borden is a proud sponsor of Reading Is Fundamental, the nation’s oldest and largest children and families’ literacy non-profit organization.

“Borden is excited to celebrate Elsie’s 70th birthday in the spotlight and we’re honored to have Selena Gomez and RIF help make it a true birthday bash,” said Rick Beaman, president of Borden. “We want to take this special opportunity to honor Elsie and thank everyone for having her be a part of their families for so many years.”
The life and times of Elsie the Cow

First introduced in person at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, Elsie remains one of the most enduring and famous product icons. In fact, Advertising Age confirmed her popularity by declaring her one of the Top 10 icons of all time. Since her first live appearance at the World’s Fair, Elsie has logged hundreds of thousands of miles in her travels across America as “spokescow” for Borden milk, visiting hundreds of communities and reaching millions of milk lovers.

Over the past decades, Elsie rose from barnyard obscurity to stardom as the wholesome, motherly fictional cow that spread the word: “If it’s Borden, It’s Got to Be Good.” Elsie has been featured in Borden advertisements promoting the importance of freshness and quality dairy products. Even today, her image symbolizes freshness and great tasting milk to moms throughout the country.

Elsie’s birthday bash

To celebrate Elsie’s 70th birthday on October 10th, Borden is hosting a barnyard bash at The State Fair of Texas in Marine Plaza. The lucky attendees of Elsie’s private birthday celebration will have won the exclusive invitation from special Radio Disney events throughout Texas and Louisiana, which is taking place this month. Gomez will join the party to lead the singing of “Happy Birthday” to her friend Elsie, eat cake and ice cream with fans, and even try Borden’s cake-flavored milk, which was created just for Elsie to mark the occasion. Elsie herself will be presented her own special birthday cake too.

Party attendees also will be the first to receive a copy of Say Goodnight, Beauregard, the story of Elsie and her family. Through the publication of this limited-edition book and its partnership with RIF, Borden is proud to promote children’s literacy by supporting local RIF programs throughout Texas and Louisiana.
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