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Dear Milk Processors:

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans serve as the foundation for all federal nutrition policy including government-funded initiatives like school meal programs. Currently, milk holds a strong position with the guidelines, which recommend three servings of low fat or fat-free dairy per day.

New guidelines will be rolled out in 2010, and the revision process is already under way by a panel of scientists – the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. MilkPEP has experts in the nutrition policy arena closely watching the development of the new guidelines, and will send relevant updates on what is being discussed and how these conversations may impact milk.

Some topics to watch include:

·    Saturated fat, such as that found in whole milk, is garnering a fair amount of discussion by the Advisory Committee.
·    Breakfast: Milk was mentioned as part of key part of breakfast, which one of the subcommittees plans to study in greater detail as a way for Americans to start the day on a nutrient–rich note.
·    Added sugars: There were several discussions of the potential health effects of drinking sweetened beverage.
·    Sodium is generating significant attention throughout the guidelines process, with experts urging much lower intake levels (1500mg/day).

CLICK HEREfor a full recap of milk-related highlights from last week’s meeting of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

Mike Simmons
director, processor relations