YOU is a line of fortified dairy products from Israel’s Tara Dairy. The products are aimed at women 30- to 40-years old, as they are fortified with a vitamin and mineral blend described as being designed to protect women in such areas as bone, brain, skin, heart health and digestive health. Active ingredients include calcium, iron and vitamins B, D and E. The YOU line of functional foods includes a drinkable yogurt, 2% fat milk and a soft cheese.

“Our goal is to develop new concepts in dairy fortification that provide the added value of health and innovation,” says Deputy Marketing Manager at Tara Dairy, Nir Kanias. “This new line is the result of our innovative move to develop, for the first time in Israel, the concept of ‘dairy just for women.’ We found out that there’s a real need for a dairy line that is tailored specifically to suit the hectic lifestyle and specific needs of the Israeli woman.”