The CheeseCrafter helps you take control and keep control of the cheesemaking process, preserving consistent quality! A total quality management system, three integrated modules record the batch process and milk composition results, report predicted yield and provide a modeling worksheet that offers insight into changes or improvements worthy of your consideration.Features and Benefits
  • Spot Hidden Losses
    • Predict Optimal Yields per Batch
    • Compare with Actual Yields
    • Model/Make changes in formulation or process
  • Maintain Control of the Cheesemaking Process
    • Identify trends (seasonal, supplier, etc.)
    • Gain easy access to information (real-time and historical)
    • Automate record-keeping
  • Ensure Consistent Quality and Optimal Yields - Integrated, Transparent linear Quality System
    • Make Sheet/Quality Control Log
    • Data recording of milk composition and automated predictive yield calculation
    • Modeling Worksheet for optimizing process or formulation

The CheeseCrafter consists of a custom-designed software program in CD format and a dedicated RS-232 serial cable. The purpose of the System is to facilitate total quality management, including quality control records (or 'Make Sheets'), predictive yields (featuring a proven default formula with User confirmed constants) and modeling for process improvement or new products.

System Requirements
  • Hardware - Pentium or higher, 20 MB free space on hard-drive, RS-232 output outlet, CD reading capabilities (built-in or auxiliary)
  • Software - Windows 98, (XP, ME or higher)
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