The centrifugal pump lines manufactured by APV meets 3-A, FDA, USDA, BISSC and more.  Major lines include the W+ Series, and the V2.  APV’s range of pumps also includes positive displacement pumps such as the DW Series. The DW rotary lobe is ultra hygienic and can often be both the product and CIP pump.


H Series progressive cavity processing pumps from PCM are custom designed for applications that have stringent sanitary requirements. The H Series products incorporate numerous technical innovations. Key benefits include hygienic design, CIP functionality, and low-shear capabilities.  The pumps are made of stainless steel, and 3A certified. Dairy applications include transfer of milk, cream, stirred or set yogurt, drinking yogurt, processed cheese, desserts cream, and fruit preps.



Graco’s high sanitation and FDA diaphragm pumps are used in a variety of sanitary processes. The pumps are easy to clean and certified by 3-A for dairy and milk applications. They include tri-clamp connections and are ideal for applications requiring high flow rates and portability. All fluid contact materials are FDA-compliant and meet CFR Title 21.


Designed to free up plant space, resolve alignment issues and increase process productivity, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell introduces the Tru-Fit™ close-coupled pump drive. With an average of 20-25% reduction in overall pump length, Tru-Fit’s self-aligning shaft eliminates the need for couplings and guards. Features include up to 50 gear ratios for each size, optional stainless-steel base and a three-bolt mounting to minimize pump change out time.

From its valve family, WCB offers PMO mix proof valves designed to meet criteria of the PMO for Grade A dairy processes. This valve is machined from solid bar construction and has a standard pressure rating of 150 psi (10 bar). The valve is available in1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2, 3, 4, and 6-inch tube OD sizes.

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell
SPX Process Equipment

The new universal power frame cartridge available from SKF provides an “ultimate pump upgrade” designed to virtually eliminate premature bearing and mechanical seal failures caused by heat, vibration, misalignment, and cavitation.  This modular “bolt-on” replacement for existing power frames can install and operate in pumps trouble-free, regardless of industry application. The cartridge meets ANSI and API pump specifications and can be bolted easily into place without modifying pump, piping, or foundation.  The cartridge can be readily converted from standard power frame to hermetically sealed unit to contain process fluids in the power frame, minimizing costs of leak detection and repair.  An optional C-frame adapter supports motors up to 200hp. These can be aligned quickly and precisely with the power frame shaft without requiring hot and cold shaft alignments. The robustness of this arrangement allows pumps to be stilt-mounted, eliminating a need for baseplates, simplifying clean-in-place activities, and improving sanitary conditions.


GEA Tuchenhagen

Stericom LongLife aseptic shut-off valves from Tuchenhagen are designed for aseptic processing with applications in the dairy and food markets. The Stericom LongLife Type N_A/D range has new, unique features with significant benefits, including a long metal bellows service life. The new type of spherical housing design, with ideal flow transition sections, provides for careful transport of the product with optimal cleaning efficiency. The line uses actuators from the Tuchenhagen Varivent system. Available sizes: 1½˝ OD, 2˝ OD, 2½˝ OD, 3˝ OD and 4˝ OD.

GEA Tuchenhagen

Niro Soavi supplies a range of high pressure positive displacement pumps suitable for handling tough applications, i.e. those involving high viscosity and abrasive feedstocks while adhering to sanitary standards. Pumps are available in sizes covering capacities upto 13,000 GPH and can achieve operating pressures up to 10,000 psi on a mono block design and up to 22,000 psi on a VHP design. Various designs of valves are available, and specific valve types are selected according to the feedstock properties and operational specification. Pumps are ideal for spray dryers with nozzle atomizers.

Niro Soavi

Alfa Laval’s series of Solid C centrifugal pumps for standard sanitary duties are intended for use in non-critical, less demanding applications.  The robustness of this arrangement allows pumps to be stilt-mounted, eliminating a need for baseplates, simplifying clean-in-place activities, and improving sanitary conditions.

The pump range consists of four pumps with the following performance data:
  • inlet pressure: 50 psi
  • capacity: 400 gpm
  • head: 400 ft
  • temperature: up to 250

    Viking Pump has introduced the SteriLobe pump series, which features a clean design and ease of maintenance. The pump conforms to relevant EHEDG and 3A standards, and in the critical area of the mechanical seal, exceeds those design criteria to make the SteriLobe one of the cleanest standard-construction pumps available. The pump’s front-loading seal access makes seal removal easy, even for flushed and double-seal options, without removing the pump. The removable rotorcase and optional O-ring seal are ideal for COP (strip-clean) operations. The stainless-steel gear case, with no breather plug or sight glass, ensures cleanliness and corrosion resistance, and prevents water spray infiltration.

    Viking Pump

    Südmo has introduced a PMO Tank Outlet Mix Proof Valve that eliminates the need for disconnects on the tank outlet and gives you the ability to clean the fill/empty line with product in the tank.  This revolutionary new valve can be fitted to existing tanks with low inlet/outlet connections. The tangential design means that it can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position and is fully drainable.  Südmo’s PMO mix proof valves offer many proven advantages including leak free changeover, a one-piece machined body, maintenance-free actuator, and the latest control technology.

    Südmo North America

    Flux Pumps manufactures a complete line of sanitary drum and container transfer pumps. All pumps carry the 3A symbol and are constructed of materials recognized as safe by the FDA. Two versions (centrifugal and progressive cavity) allow the pumps to handle water like products and products with viscosities up to 100,000 cps. Pneumatic and electric drives available.

    Flux Pumps

    Hanna’s BL 7916 pump was developed for measuring and controlling pH or ORP and regulated dosing of various chemicals. This eliminates the need for multiple instruments by combining two instruments into one. No more complicated installations, wiring, or compatibility problems. This compact unit features accurate regulation, proportional dosing, alarm and recorder signals.

    Hanna Instruments

    Fristam’s FKL positive displacement pump series handles operating pressures to 300 psi and viscosities to 1 million cps. Its durable shaft is up to 25% thicker than competitive shafts and its overhung load is minimized for longer life and efficiency. Additionally, the FKL is CIP-able with no performance loss, and its oil bath gearbox can operate 4,000 hours between oil change-out.

    Fristam Pumps USA