Takasago Flavors has completed an expansion of its dedicated confection and beverage applications laboratories.

Takasago Flavorshas completed an expansion of its dedicated confection and beverage applications laboratories.

Arrowhead Conveyor Corp.has acquired the NeXtconveyor assets and intellectual property located in Tampa, Fla. NeXtconveyor offers a remarkable, patented conveyor design for the sanitary market.

Tetra Pakhas developed the Tetra Therm MicroPart, a new system to microparticulate whey proteins in an industrial way. The patented process uses diluted WPC-powder or WPC-retentate to produce the microparticulated whey protein. The application of microparticulated proteins is expected to further boost the expanding low fat dairy product segment, and substantial yield improvements can be expected as well on most of cheese manufacturing processes.

TIC Gumsrecently completed an audit from the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) and the company’s manufacturing plant is now Halal-certified.

Avasoft, Inc., a purveyor of a patented, innovative soft-serve ice cream system to the U.S. soft-serve market saysNorse Dairy Systems, which manufacturs Avasoft ice cream cartridges, has expanded its annual cartridge production capacity, up to 24 million units, to meet Avasoft’s increasing demand.

Sidebar: Tuchenhagen Announces Valve Tech Innovation

Tuchenhagen Flow Components, Portland, Maine, recently introduced what it says is the first PMO Mixproof valve to allow 24/7 non-stop production in U.S. dairy plants.

Generally, PMO regulations do not allow the cleaning of a mixproof valve seat while product is present in one housing of the valve. Plant production must stop for cleaning of the valve seats. Due to a patented design, the PMO seat cleaning restriction has been lifted by FDA for Tuchenhagen’s new generation 24/7 PMO Valve.

“This is a huge breakthrough for the dairy industry, which will allow significant productivity increases and cost reductions for dairy facilities all over the United States,” said David Medlar, pres. of the company.

The Tuchenhagen 24/7 PMO Mixproof valves allow vessels to be filled, vessels to be emptied and vessels and lines to be cleaned simultaneously, so that it is no longer necessary to shut down any production to CIP in any area of the plant, Tuchenhagen says.

For more information about this product contact Tuchenhagen Flow Components at 207/797-9500  ext. 192.