Systematic testing of line/tank samples is an excellent method of pinpointing sources of quality issues. However, proper procedures must be utilized to obtain aseptic and representative samples.

Built-In Sample Ports:Aseptic samples may be obtained from the standard sample port, built into most tank and silo manhole doors, by using the following procedure:
  • Care should be taken to assure that sampling ports are in good condition and do not leak. Dismantle, clean, and sanitize the ports every time the tank/silo is washed. Make sure that the port is not contaminated when re-assembled.

  • Hands must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized before pulling a sample. The port should be flushed out with an approved sanitizer. Use a sanitizer hose that has sufficient flow to flush product out of the port. Flush for at least one minute.

  • Following the sanitizer flush-out, flood the port and surrounding areas with 70% alcohol using a spray bottle. Be sure there are no open flames, sparks, or other ignition sources within 30 feet when using alcohol.

  • Drain approximately 250 ml of product through the sampling port into a clean container. This will rinse out any residual sanitizer or alcohol. Discard this product.

  • Carefully take a sample of the product into a sterile container, and keep it cold (<3