Denver-based Robinson Dairy, a division of the Dean Dairy Group, in conjunction with the Anti-Defamation League, is printing a message of respect on 15 million half-pint and half-gallon milk cartons. The message, resembling a nutritional panel, will be on packages distributed across Colorado.

Kraft Squeezed
Although sales were up 4% for the nation's top food manufacturer and marketer, Kraft Foods, Inc. says earnings were off by 25.5% for the second quarter, due to

high costs for commodity ingredients like soybean oil and cheese. The company has lowered its profit forecast for the rest of the year.

Nestlé in Thailand
Nestlé Ice Cream is stepping up marketing and doubling its production capacity as it tries to capture a larger share of Thailand's growing ice cream market. The company has forecast 40% sales growth for the year in Thailand.

Cold and Green
In the U.K., Unilever is introducing eco-friendly ice cream freezers which it claims could save multiple and independent British retailers hundreds of dollars per year in electricity bills. The company is offering vouchers for £200 off the list price for its ice cream products with every unit it sells.

Guida's Organic
Organic Valley Family of Farms, and Guida's Milk and Ice Cream have teamed up to produce and distribute milk through Guida's New Briton, Conn., plant which was certified organic earlier this year. Production began in July.