Autocrat, a fourth-generation family-owned business that roasts coffee and manufactures coffee extracts, has enjoyed rapid growth of coffee extracts in both national and international markets. With over 100 years of tradition, Autocrat offers regular and organic coffee extracts that are used to flavor ice cream, iced cappuccino drinks, soy beverages and other dairy products in a category which is poised for unprecedented growth, as well as flavoring for alcohol based products.

To meet the demand for coffee extracts, the company has purchased a multi-million dollar custom state-of-the-art extraction system. The addition of this equipment substantially increases volume capacity and gives Autocrat, America's leading producer of coffee ingredients, a continued advantage in the flavored dairy beverages category that is expected to reach $3 billion by 2006.

"We purchased this equipment in response to the demand for our coffee based products," said Richard M. Field, Jr., Chairman/President. "Our goal with this manufacturing expansion is to continue delivering exceptional quality products that will meet the increasing demands of our customers current and future needs."

Headquartered in Lincoln, Rhode Island, Autocrat develops custom extracts and creates and launches new coffee products. The coffee extracts are made using an all-natural extraction process, and carefully roasted select beans are extracted to their fullest flavor potential. The company offers a wide variety of packaging and flavor options. In the past year, Autocrat has revamped the extract production facility with new roasting and bean transportation process control, renovated the production facility, and built a distribution center to increase space for the custom state-of-the-art extraction system and manufacturing area.

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Lincoln, RI 02865
Ph: 800/288-6272