InkJet Inc. introduces its new 82 ink, a black ketone-based general purpose ink with a fast dry time. The 82 ink costs 20 to 30% less than the comparable OEM fluid and offers superior performance that maximizes the quality of the printed package or material. IJI 82 ink is a direct replacement for Videojet 16-8200 ink developed to operate in Videojet printer models VJII, VJIII, EXCEL 100, 170i, 178i and 37 series. Requiring no special changeover procedure, IJI 82 ink can be piggybacked directly into the printer without flushing. Compared to the OEM fluid, IJI 82 ink offers a slightly faster dry time and darker print on most substrates.

InkJet, Inc.
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The Dickson Co., Addison, Ill., has introduced a free internet calibration service. Forget about updating your calendar every year or waiting for a reminder letter in the mail. Now there is an easier way to make sure all of your instrumentation is calibrated on time. Simply register your instrument(s), for FREE, in Calibration Club at and receive free e-mail reminders every time an instrument/asset is due for calibration. Register any product. It's for all of your assets - not just Dickson instrumentation. All registered instrumentation is displayed in an easy to read table and can be quickly exported to Excel. Sort instruments by manufacturer, model number, location, last calibration date, or next calibration date. You decide how frequently each instrument should be calibrated and how far in advance you would like to be notified. Calibration Vendor contact information is stored for each instrument. Once you receive an e-mail reminder, simply click on the attached link to update the calibration date. All information is password protected to ensure data integrity.

The Dickson Co.
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Anver Corp.
A new, low-cost vacuum lifter that is compressed air powered and can fit onto any crane or hoist to let one person unstack reusable nested plastic trays is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Mass. The ANVER APF-57 Series Compressed Air Powered Vacuum Lifter features a large ergonomic front handlebar, which is easy to grip, without pushing on the load itself and includes a slide valve for rapid attach and release. Designed for ease of installation and use, this lifter can be hung on any crane or hoist, only consumes 6.5 scfm air, and has fully adjustable X-Y-Z vacuum suction pads to let one operator stack and unstack nested trays. Eliminating bending, stretching, and the need for two people, the ANVER APF-57 Series Compressed Air Powered Vacuum Lifter includes front mounted input air pressure- and vacuum indicator gauges for easy operator viewing. This lifter is quiet-running, weighs just 60 lbs. (27 kg), has a check valve and vacuum reservoir to help maintain vacuum if the air supply is interrupted, and pulls a 24"Hg vacuum on most smooth, non-porous materials.

Anver Corp.
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Bradford Fittings
A new line of schedule five and ten pipe fittings is now available from Bradford Fittings, Brookfield Wis. The new fittings include single pin clamps, long and short ferrules, and end caps for use with tubing and schedule five and ten pipe. Choose from 304 stainless steel in sizes ranging from 1 1/2 inch to 4 inch. Line expansions are anticipated in the coming year. Bradford, a division of Dixson Valve & Coupling is a leading manufacturer of sanitary stainless fittings and valves.

Bradford Fittings
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A new bezel option on Allen-Bradley® VersaView® industrial computers and monitors broadens their application use in food, pharmaceutical, petroleum and chemical industries. To meet strict industry standards and quality and safety requirements, food, pharmaceutical, petroleum and chemical industry manufacturers often specify stainless-steel-clad equipment for their production sites. New stainless-steel bezels allow the Allen-Bradley® VersaView® Industrial Computers and Monitors to meet the needs of virtually any industrial application-including visualization, control, information processing, and maintenance. The new stainless-steel models, available in 15-inch and 17-inch touch and no-touch versions, carry the NEMA Type 12/13/4/4X and IP65 ratings. Rockwell Automation also minimized the collection ridges around the bezel to a one-millimeter depth, reducing the chance of contaminants gathering around the monitor, which makes cleaning easier. While VersaView Industrial Computers and Monitors make it possible for operators to monitor and operate single machines or entire systems, users can also apply their VersaView computers for PC-based control and machine maintenance and can collect and quickly share information about the manufacturing process and equipment.

Rockwell Automation
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The TecoFrost compressor from Vilter Manufacturing features three energy saving designs. First, the natural gas engine in the compressor helps refrigeration plants reduce electric demand. Demand and usage loads peak in the daytime and summer when electricity is expensive and natural gas is more abundant. In addition to the reduced energy costs, TecoFrost features a variable speed operation, which results in longer intervals between required maintenance on both engine and compressor. Finally, additional energy saving can be realized as the compressor utilizes the heat generated by the engine jacket and the exhaust gas. The recovered heat is used for space heating, domestic hot water, boiler feed water preheating or process applications.

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