According to a recent report from the US Department of Health & Human Services Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 18.2 million Americans have diabetes. And forecasters predict this number will continue to climb over the next several years. When you combine this statistic with the millions of people following low carbohydrate diets, the demand for low glycemic foods, or those that elevate blood sugars slightly to moderately is evident. Danisco, a leading provider of food ingredients throughout the world offers products specifically designed to meet this escalating specialty market.

Low glycemic index diets, which are diets concentrated with foods which raise blood sugar levels only slightly, have been shown to control established diabetes, help people lose weight, possibly help lower blood lipids, improve sports performance and may help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Danisco's low glycemic ice cream offers all the flavor and texture of an indulgent dessert with only 3 grams of net impact carbohydrates per serving. These formulations incorporate GRINDSTED® GSD 1276 or GRINDSTED® GSD 1278 to help them achieve a creamy mouthfeel and clean flavor release. Both products contain Danisco's Litesse® Polydextrose, a randomly bonded polymer of glucose that is non-glycemic and sugar free. This specialty carbohydrate is ideal for "low carb" consumers, as it has a minimal impact on blood glucose and insulin demand. Furthermore, Litesse® is well tolerated and serves as an ideal replacement for higher glycemic carbohydrates such as some sugars, starches and maltodextrins. Additionally, Litesse® adds fiber, reduces calories and promotes the smooth, creamy texture that consumers, even "low carb" consumers demand.

To request a formulation contact your Danisco representative at 800.255.6837, ext. 2521.

*There is no definition for low glycemic or low carbohydrate. Therefore, Danisco recommends that you discuss with your marketing group the best manner to promote this type of product. Information is based on a model system developed by Danisco USA, Inc. and calculated based on low glycemic standards listed foods and/or ingredients.

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