Danisco Sweeteners partners with food companies to develop sugar free, reduced sugar, reduced calorie, low fat foods and beverages. Danisco Sweeteners' highly functional ingredients, Litesse,® Lactitol and Xylitol, are also low glycemic, low impact carbohydrates, prebiotic and high in fiber and can offer many health benefits:
  • Sugar free, low calorie, low fat ingredients can help with weight management.
  • Low-glycemic ingredients are suitable for people who follow low carb diets and who want to control their blood sugar levels, including diabetics.
  • Prebiotic and fiber-enriched ingredients improve digestive health.
  • Dentally safe sugar replacers promote oral health.

Whether it's sports nutrition, fiber-enriched beverages, reduced sugar ice cream or low glycemic frozen desserts, Danisco Sweeteners can help dairy manufacturers improve the nutritional profiles of a broad range of products and meet consumer demand for healthier, great-tasting foods and beverages.

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