Danisco USA Inc., New Century, Kan., the local arm of global Danisco A/S, which is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a knowledge-based company that values innovation and know how.

Danisco USA Inc., New Century, Kan., the local arm of global Danisco A/S, which is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a knowledge-based company that values innovation and know how. The company has vast experience in predicting new food trends and works closely with dairy, food and beverage manufacturers to develop tailor-made ingredient solutions and simply, better food. In fact, the company's mission is straightforward: To accommodate consumer demand for healthy, safe and tasty foods.

Danisco's goal is to be the leading supplier of ingredients to the global food industry. The company is well on its way to accomplishing this through organic growth, acquisitions, and research and development. On June 1, Danisco took control of Rhodia Food Ingredients. Soon after the acquisition, Danisco began integrating Rhodia into the Danisco corporate structure.

"Rhodia's talented and knowledgeable employees will contribute to the value creation at Danisco and help bolster our position in the ingredients market," says Danisco A/S CEO Alf Duch-Pedersen.

Danisco’s commitment to partnering with the dairy industry is exemplified by its growing portfolio of dairy and cheese cultures and enzymes.
With the addition of Rhodia's food ingredients, Danisco's product platform has been considerably expanded, most notably within specialty products, which includes cultures, enzymes and food protectants. This is big news for the dairy industry, as Rhodia has been a leading dairy and cheese culture and enzyme supplier, as well as a world-leading producer of probiotic products. Overall, the new Danisco has an expanded product portfolio of competitive ingredient solutions.

"Danisco has a leading presence in bio-preservation, emulsifiers, flavorings, food enzymes, functional systems, starter cultures, sweeteners and textural ingredients," says Bob Mayer, executive v.p. of Danisco A/S. "In fact, Danisco is the global leader in bio-preservatives, emulsifiers, functional systems and sweeteners."

Deborah Rolf, v.p. of sales and marketing of Danisco USA, adds, "Ingredients are what we do. We are a supplier to the industry, and we are striving to be the global leader in all markets we serve."

Danisco is a local player with a global presence.

For more information on the new Danisco, visit www.danisco.com.

Sidebar: U.S. Danisco Knowledge Award

And congratulations go to . . .

Danisco USA, along with contest sponsors Dairy Foods and sister publication Prepared Foods, is pleased to announce The Danisco Knowledge Award winners. The mission of this product development contest, which is open to U.S. university food science students, is to support innovation in academic institutions, develop stronger links between universities and Danisco, as well as encourage innovative approaches to food science challenges.

The first place winner was a dairy product! A team from Washington State University submitted a smooth-tasting fruit flavored probiotic yogurt drink titled "Yosha." The drinkable yogurt shake combined the wholesomeness of yogurt, the healthful benefits of soluble dietary fiber, calcium and probiotic cultures. The drink included various Danisco ingredients, including xylitol, Litesse®, Grindsted® GSD-1070, Grindsted LBG 246, Betafin® BF20, Yo-Mix™ 236 Pellet Dip®, Howaru™, Danisco Pina Colada Flavor C12827, Danisco Peach Flavor C08922 and Danisco Strawberry Flavor C7740.

A team from the University of Arkansas placed second with a hand-held South East Asian egg roll. The third place award went to a team from Cornell University that developed an almond-tofu dip called "Crémond."

For more information, visit www.dansico.com/ knowledgeaward.us.