Balluff Inc.
The BIS-L Pallet RF ID System from Balluff Inc., combines long-range sensing performance and new, cost effective data carriers to fit the needs of a range of pallet-based production operations. Ideal for palletized assembly, the system has a read-write range of 24-100mm, and is compatible with existing 125 kHz systems. The BIS-L system consists of three main components; a read/write head, a data processor, and an innovative, wafer-thin, low-cost data carrier family. The data carriers are rugged enough to be permanently installed on pallets. The data carriers are available in 20, 30, and 50mm diameters, with each size avail-able in 40-bit read-only and 192-byte read/write versions. Data processor communications options include Interbus, Profibus and Devicenet. The system is designed to eliminate false data and increase overall dependability. Every data carrier is pre-screened during manufacturing to be within a certain bandwidth for assured data transfer. Moreover, during operation, the data carriers' real-time communication parameters are redundantly monitored to ensure reliable information. Data communications errors at the edge of the sensing envelope are virtually eliminated with a novel sensing pattern designed with a "read/no read" cutoff for maximum system information accuracy.

Balluff Inc.
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A-B-C Packaging
A high-speed case erector from A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.,automatically erects and seals up to 50 cases per minute. The model 450 is also a very compact machine needing less than 17 linear feet of floor space. It features a 3 h.p. main drive motor, powering the mechanical case drive. A separate 1 h.p. motor drives the mechanical case-sealing ram, to provide accurate and reliable sealing at high speeds. Loaded with features to accommodate less-than-perfect cases the 450 utilizes a mechanical opening arm over-opens case flaps to ensure smooth flap closing. A walking beam case drive squares the cases as they are transferred from opening through sealing.

A-B-C Packaging
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Chromolax Inc.
The Max VI Multizone SCR Power Controllerfrom Chromalox takes up less space than other units similar ratings, is easy to mount, increases heater life due to fast cycling, and is an easy replacement for mechanical and mercury contactors. The Max VI features a combination of isolated bonded-fin heatsinks and fan cooling that provides better heat dissipation in a smaller fan space and provides up to 450 amps of control power in a small footprint. It is available with current ratings of 25, 50 and 75 amps at 40°C and voltage ratings up to 600 Vac.

Chromalox Inc.
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The Series VPA Metering Pumpfrom Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc., is now available with proximity switches designed for corrosive environments. The switches are used to verify pump position for process control and quality assurance systems. The design uses a magnetic band built into the piston inside the pump. The switches attach externally to the pump and can be moved to sense any desired position.

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Celsis International
The CellScan Innovate™ from Celsis International plc,is a rapid microbial screening system designed specifically for the dairy industry. The CellScan Innovate luminometer, the corresponding software, and the RapiScreen Dairy reagents combine to deliver a rapid microbial screening system for dairies that provides robust functionality, simplicity of operation and sensitivity that is unmatched in the industry. The CellScan Innovate luminometer features a rugged, durable design engineered with the daily rigors of dairy operations in mind. It features automated microplate loading, a modular design for easy servicing, on-board reagent cooling for increased simplicity of operation, a built-in shaking functionality together with many other features identified as important by Celsis customers. Celsis' unique software delivers flexible functionality to system administrators, while delivering streamlined and simple operation for the user. is Windows-based and features a unique multi-tasking capability that enables users to prepare one test while another test is running. The RapiScreen Dairy kit is the first kit developed specifically for the dairy market by the R&D team headed by Veikko Tarkkanen, since he, and his ConCell team joined forces with Celsis in early 2001. Tarkkanen, a noted chemist, has over 25 years of experience within the dairy testing industry.

Celsis International
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A Universal Serial Bus (USB)-to-DH-485 interface converter, from Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, provides enhanced programmable logic controller (PLC)-to-PC connectivity. The 1747-UIC Interface Converter allows computers with USB ports to be connected to DH-485 ports located on SLC 500, MicroLogix and ControlLogix® controllers, as well as PanelView terminals, and 1747-AIC and 1761-NET-AIC isolators. This provides a direct link to these devices for programming, data gathering and monitoring of plant-floor activities. "USB ports are becoming the standard with new computers being sold today. Our customers were asking for a method of connecting their computer USB port to our SLC and MicroLogix programmable controllers," said Jim Wuethrich, marketing manager, Rockwell Automation. "With more than 1.5 million SLC 500 and MicroLogix units sold worldwide, the interface converter is poised to help a significant number of customers."

Rockwell Automation
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A series of vacuum lifters designed to handle large loads such as plastic or fiberglass vessels from the top, and can pick parts out of molds, is being introduced by Anver Corp., Hudson, Mass. The Anver VFP Series Vacuum lifters for large containers and vessels provide instant attach and release from the top surface, to prevent damage from fork lift prongs, chains and belts. Featuring a custom handle bar and suction pad arrangement, these heavy duty lifters let one person lift awkward loads and can be modified to handle or support loads from the side.

Anver Corp.
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Alfa Laval
Alfa Laval is now launching a new generation of Contherm® Scraped-Surface Heat Exchangerswhich offers four new performance-enhancing features. Designed for heating and cooling of sticky, viscous, particulate and crystallizing/phase-change processes, these improvements on Contherm incorporate new features that enhance and/or extend performance limits. A new larger Contherm size, the Contherm 6 x 11, offers 15 percent more surface area than existing units. When utilizing a HIPEX heat exchange cylinder that is constructed of a new thinner and harder grade of stainless steel, the 6 x11 can provide 25 percent more capacity than traditional sizes. New blade materials with improved physical properties compared to traditional blades are now available. Among these new offerings, Alfa Laval has developed a unique detectable polymer that can enhance food safety and food security initiatives. A new three-inch tangential head, designed specifically for sanitary and food-processing applications, improves product quality by providing gentler product treatment. It is available as an option for new Contherm heat exchangers or as a retrofit for existing units.

Alfa Laval
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