Roquette has developed ingredients and formulations that offer today's ice cream consumer great taste and health benefits.

Roquette has developedingredients and formulations that offer today's ice cream consumer great taste and health benefits. Healthy ice cream is possible through the development of sugar replacement systems that offer the taste and texture of their sugar and fat counterparts with the benefits of caloric reduction, sugar reduction and added fiber. Maltisorb® crystalline maltitol and Polysorb® FM Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysates can lead to healthy ice cream product growth.

Roquette America Inc.

Treatt plc, has introducedBlueberry Treattarome™ 9840 to its range of 100% natural, FTNF (From The Named Food) flavor ingredients. Wholly distilled from freshly cultivated berries, Blueberry Treattarome 9840 delivers a well-rounded, authentic and ripe blueberry flavor with a floral top note and a creamy, fruity finish to many food and drink systems. Derived from the native American fruit (Vaccinium Corymbosum), Blueberry Treattarome 9840 is produced within 10 minutes of the fruit being processed. To capture flavor and retain freshness, Treatt uses low-temperature distillation technology. Blueberry Treattarome 9840 works well either as a sole flavoring or as an enhancer to existing flavor systems. The clear appearance and water solubility of Blueberry Treattarome 9840 make it a highly versatile flavor ingredient, suitable for use in dairy products.

Treatt USA Inc.

Milwaukee-based Chr. Hansen joinsthe organic market by introducing an ingredient portfolio of colors, flavors, seasonings and airy and probiotic cultures for use in foods labeled "made with organic ingredients," as defined by the National Organic Program. Additionally, the fruits of the company's labor with Novozymes has paid off. The two are applying for a joint patent for YieldMax™ PL, an enzyme solution made for mozzarella and pizza cheese. Finally, CapColors® encapsulation technique is the company's answer to extracting natural colors from plants, fruits and vegetables-from yellow and organge to pink, red and purple.

Chr. Hansen Inc.

Reducol™ is a patented blend ofnaturally occurring compounds found in plants known as phytosterols and phytostanols. Reducol™ is derived from coniferous trees, a natural and renewable non-genetically modified source. Reducol™ is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA and is clinically proven to significantly lower "bad" cholesterol levels when used in conjunction with a low-fat diet and exercise. Reducol™ works by inhibiting absorption of cholesterol in the gut without being absorbed into the body. It is a tasteless and odorless ingredient that can be incorporated into a variety of applications including non-fat and fatty functional foods, and has no caloric or fat values so it is ideal for consumers seeking a healthy, low-fat approach to their dietary routine.

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Kerry has developedits newest ice cream flavor concept with tea and yogurt. Catering to the adult market, the Chai Yogurt Wonder Bar features spiced chai tea-flavored ice cream with texture-enhancing stabilizers. Enrobed in a light yogurt coating, the ice cream bar imparts a layered flavor profile.

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Four common tests that representa large percentage of work in most cooperative, regulatory, and dairy processor laboratories, are offered by Advanced Instruments. Cryoscopy is used to accurately and rapidly determine the amount of added water that is present in a milk sample. Advanced Instruments cryoscopes offer high-throughput and maximum up time. The company's newest cryoscope, the Model 4250, features an updated look plus new electronics offering multi-language capability, on-board printer, downloadable upgrades, reduced maintenance, and simple push-button operation. In pasteurization testing, AI's Fluorophos® ALP Test is a rapid phosphatase method that offers results in three minutes. In chemical component analysis, the Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analyzer can evaluate a range of products, including complex recipes such as yogurt drinks, multi-flavored ice creams, and cottage cheeses. Finally, because of its impact on consumer safety and product shelf-life, microbiological content has become a major concern in foods and is a focus at AI.

Advanced Instruments

Protient Inc., of St. Paul, Minn. introducesMicellar Casein (Protient 5202) that contains 92% micellar casein. Protient 5202 is obtained through a proprietary process of filtration steps. Protient 5202 is made from domestic skim milk, giving it a clean, bland flavor when compared with other isolated proteins. It is highly soluble, making it ideal for a variety of products and is European Union and Kosher certified. Protient 5202 can replace casein and caseinates, and can withstand UHT processing conditions, which makes it ideal for ready-to-drink beverages. The low-fat and low-lactose contents, solubility, and milk-like flavor make it a unique ingredient for low fat and low carbohydrate applications.

Protient Inc.

Wild and Vitatene have developedand formulated a biotechnologically derived natural beta-carotene called Betanat®. Through an exclusive partnership agreement, Wild is the exclusive distributor for Betanat. The oil-soluble emulsion is available in a 30% oil formulation and a 10% powder formulation. Produced using a revolutionary fermentation and extraction method, this natural beta-carotene is allergen, gluten, and gelatine-free. Depending on the amount used, coloring capability ranges from yellow to deep orange.

Wild Flavors

Tate & Lyle's US food ingredients team is concentratingon four ingredient solutions and product prototypes: beverage, dairy, snacks and bakery, and dressings. In the beverage category, Tate & Lyle will be introducing Sweetener Rebalance™ M60 and Sweetener Rebalance LF3. These solutions are convenient delivery systems for Splenda® Sucralose and can be used in a variety of applications including beverages, fruit fillings, puddings and desserts. In the area of dairy, Tate & Lyle Custom Ingredients is introducing two types of Dairy Drink Rebalance chocolate milk, which contain fewer calories than a traditional full fat, full sugar chocolate milk. One solution, a natural sweetening system containing sucrose and Krystar® Crystalline Fructose, delivers 25% less added sugar and 12% less total sugar compared to a traditional product. The second contains Splenda and delivers 50% less added sugar and 25% less total sugar. In snacks and bakery, Bakery Rebalance 706, a new ingredient solution for no-sugar-added bakery products, provides a reduced-calorie option in crème fillings, Finally, in the category of dressings, Tate & Lyle's Buttermilk Ranch Dressing is made with Rebalance 800, which allows manufacturers to reformulate sauces and dressings to have a reduced fat and reduced calorie claim.

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TIC Gums' Texture Innovation Center demonstrateshow the attribute of texture makes a critical difference in the final product. Several gum systems reflect manufacturers' interest in formulating products with the right texture as well as the right taste and appearance. First, Pretested. Pre-Hydrated. Ticaxan. Xanthan Rapid 3, a product that allows a manufacturer to add xanthan gum to water without problematic lumps that often accompany dusty xanthan gum on its own. Additionally, a Pretested Saladizer is designed for low-fat and fat-free mayonnaise products. TIC Pretested Stabilizer Culinary Foam is designed for use in specialty dishes where a culinary foam adds a burst of flavor and texture.

TIC Gums

Golden, Colo.-based GTC Nutrition launchedits Building Nutrition Solutions for Life™ campaign, driven by the demand for healthier food and beverage alternatives. The campaign will call on the company's marketing, scientific, technical and QA/regulatory expertise and include partnerships with key customers, co-branding opportunities and consumer outreach.

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