Flavored cream cheese; cultured dairy drinks.

Private label continues to go upscale as is apparent with these innovative flavors of cream cheese, which are distributed bySuperValu Inc., Eden Prairie, Minn. Sold under the Stone Ridge Creamery brand, the 8-oz line includes three whipped offerings (Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, Spring Vegetable and Strawberry) and three regular varieties (Cinnamon Honey Pecan, Cranberry Orange and Pumpkin Spice.)

Distributed byYa-Cool LLC, Chicago, new Ya-Cool cultured dairy drinks are similar in name and design to the popular shot-style cultured drink Yakult. Sold in five-packs, each 2.1-oz bottle contains 40 calories and 0g fat. Unlike Yakult, little is mentioned on the Ya-Cool package about the cultures and their benefits.