When Wells' Dairy introduces its reformulated Blue Bunny Light ice cream this season it will be all dressed up in a new package.

When Wells' Dairy introduces its reformulated Blue Bunny Light ice cream this season it will be all dressed up in a new package.

The package which Le Mars is calling an E56 (read: Elliptical 56 oz container), is made from rigid plastic, with in-mold-labeling and a proprietary snap lid that Wells' says it has trademarked under the name Fresh Lock.

It's not just for the new Light line however, Wells' says all Blue Bunny premium ice creams, No Sugar Added ice creams, Frozen Yogurt and Light ice creams will be sold in the new container. Wells has also developed a new plastic package for the introduction of its Personals™ line, an 8-oz single serving of premium ice cream. The company declined to identify the packaging supplier it worked with to develop these new packages.

"The E56 packaging features several benefits including sturdier packaging that keeps its shape in and out of the freezer, a trademarked Fresh Lock that snaps tight to lock in freshness and most importantly, less mess for the consumer due to the elliptical shape," says Jim Rossiter, dir. of brand strategy and retail marketing.

Wells says it makes scooping ice cream much easier. The long, lower profile aids scooping and eliminates "knucklemuck," Wells' says. The thinner, longer, lower profile and the recessed lid also make it easier to store in the freezer and allow for a nice facing in the grocery store freezer aisles.

The lid incorporates a pull tab tear away tamper evidence seal that consumers access at the corner. A message on the label gives some direction on how to open. The overhanging lid has a cutaway at the center which appears to play some role in the snapping function, and the container graphics which feature a large sharp image of the product are designed in conjunction-the round top of an ice cream scoop fits nicely under the cutaway.

Wells' also declined to discuss the cost of the new packaging and whether or not it would add to the retail price of the products.

The Personals line, which includes indulgent flavors like Cappuccino Fudge Blitz™ and Peanut Butter Panic, will come in a contoured, low profile plastic container and lid. The contour shape of the container and lid suggest that it is designed to fit nicely in hand and that it is intended for straight-from-the-package consumption-all the consumer needs is a spoon.

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