Keene, N.H.-based Markem Corp. offers a washdown enclosure for the SmartDate® family of thermal transfer coders. Customers will no longer need to bag or remove the coder from the line prior to washdown procedures, shortening prep and recovery time.

Keene, N.H.-based Markem Corp. offersa washdown enclosure for the SmartDate® family of thermal transfer coders. Customers will no longer need to bag or remove the coder from the line prior to washdown procedures, shortening prep and recovery time. The washdown unit consists of a stainless steel enclosure that surrounds the printhead, and features a removable cover; heater to prevent condensation from forming inside the print head; dual-support bracket assembly with window end plates and diverting rolls; and water-tight cable entry ports.




The new SB-2000 shrink bundling system introducesLantech's energy-saving, PLC-controlled ConvectAir™ shrink tunnel, combined with a wrapping module on a unitized frame less than 12 feet long. Almost 25% shorter than conventional machines in this class, the SB-2000 shrink wraps up to 30 transport packs per minute with low energy consumption and consistent placement. It is ideal for any product shipped on corrugated trays, pads, U-boards or with film only, such as canned goods, beverages, and ice cream. The belt-fed SB-2000 accommodates products up to to any practical length. A cradle-type film delivery system for convenient loading and positive film feed via nip roller allow flying splices from the end of one roll to the start of the next to virtually eliminate film waste. The SB-2000 utilizes Lantech's Ever-Clean™ cross seal system for maintenance-free operation. A touchsceen PLC control holds user-defined setups that specify conveyor speed, sealing temperatures, tunnel temperature and tunnel fan speed.




RefrigiWear of Dahlonega, Ga. has addeda new accessory to its WeatherGuard line. The Hand Truck Pouch/154DC is designed for drivers and route salesmen to carry. The product features a padded back for fragile items, drain holes for items that may leak or drip and a 200-denier nylon oxford outer shell for safety. The bag attaches to a two-wheeled handcart with pouch dimensions of 13 (height) x 12 (width) by 5.25 (depth). The Hand Truck Pouch/154 DC is offered in navy blue and is available in custom sizes.




Fogg Company has introduceda new turnkey, fully integrated filling system designed specifically for low-alcohol, dairy-based alcoholic beverages. The new system incorporates recent advances in Dynamic CIP (clean in place) technologies. The compact configuration, which integrates a high performance rotary rinser, filler and capping system in a safety enclosure, requires a small footprint in a near plug-and-play approach to meet the growing demand for high-sugar liqueurs and after-dinner alcoholic beverages. External controls can be programmed for specific containers, allowing the operator to change bowl, rinser and capper heights with the push of button.

Fogg Company


Waukesha Cherry-Burrell

The Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Brand W75 PMO Valve featuresa lower radial seal for minimal spillage of products when opening or closing. This valve is used to provide safe separation of dissimilar products within the same valve body when processing milk and milk products meeting the requirements of the PMO (Pasteurized Milk Ordinance). Features include atmosphere drain equal to largest tube size area; adjustable seat lift on both upper and lower seats; and visual indication of proper seat lift adjustment in the yoke area.

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell



A new high-speed RFID print/apply labeling systemfrom Avery Dennison Printer Systems, the ALX RFID, encodes and prints RFID labels and automatically applies the encoded labels to cartons, cases and pallets. During the encoding process, the system "detects and rejects" miscoded or unreadable RFID labels. Faulty labels are rewound with spent media carrier onto the system's rewind apparatus. The system then encodes and prints the next label, and applies it to the targeted item. The ALX RFID also features "jump-the-bump" capability that enables users to meet RFID labeling mandates with greater economic efficiency by guarding against costly label damage during printing.

Avery Dennison Printer Systems


B and H

B&H Labeling Systems introduces the new Marathon® U Series of roll-fed labelers, which includes the new Marathon XLU. Featuring a 180


Serac, Inc.'s Multiflow nozzle automatically calculatesoptimal product filling parameters and adjusts without operator intervention. Foaming is greatly reduced, as is the headspace in the container. Human intervention is no longer required when changing products with the varying viscosities. The operator simply selects the product from the current list on the touch-screen. Data is then transferred to each individual nozzle control board and production can commence immediately. The Multiflow is monitored by an electronic board mounted below the carousel surface. The board includes memory, which stores the downloaded information for the product being produced.

Serac, Inc.



A new screw cap from Elopak, the Elo-Cap™ US, is being introduced by three Canadian dairies: Aurora, Nielson and Farmers. The cap has an inside pull-ring that makes gable-top cartons more tamper-evident. Dairies do not have to adjust their present cartons (standard cross-section or half-gallons) or filling equipment to use the Elo-Cap™ US. And since these caps use resin very efficiently, they are cost-effective even when resin prices are high. The new caps are available in a variety of colors to complement carton graphics.

Elopak, Inc.