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Grape Seed Extract to Carry NSF Certification Mark

Four MegaNatural Grape Extract products have received authorization to use NSF Certification Marks, attesting to their consistent quality and excellence in manufacturing processes. The products-MegaNatural® GSKE Grape Pomace Extract, MegaNatural® GSKE-40 Grape Pomace Extract, MegaNatural® Gold Grape Seed Extract and MegaNatural® Rubired Grape Juice Extract-are manufactured and marketed by Polyphenolics. Phenols and tannins, which are found in red grapes, offer heart benefits. MegaNatural® Gold grape seed extract, is a pure source of these compounds containing over 90% procyanidins. Two hundred mg of grape seed extract will deliver the same level of procyanidins as a 4-oz glass of red wine.

American Consumers Struggle With Good Dieting Habits

According to a recent study conducted by Tate & Lyle, American consumers have a good understanding of what constitutes healthy eating, but are struggling to relate that to their own eating habits and lifestyles. While 76% agreed that they were always looking for ways to eat more healthily, 56% of those surveyed agreed that it was difficult to eat healthily because of the options readily available to them.

The research, which forms part of an ongoing international study, was undertaken by Tate & Lyle to enhance the effectiveness of their own long-term product development and to offer food and beverage manufacturers key insights into the consumer needs that drive their businesses.

The research findings show that there is an opportunity for food and beverage companies to make it easier for people to select healthy options, and to deliver nutritionally balanced products that are convenient and more readily available.

A key finding of the study indicates that dairy products possess a combination of functional benefits and emotional appeal that generate very positive feelings with consumers. Consumers often make smoothie drinks at home using their own special "recipes" or buy them from juice bars.

Fat and sugar are the two top elements that consumers believe they should limit to make their diets more healthy. Consumers claim to read ingredient labels while shopping to identify fat and sugar content. However, consumers will not compromise on taste, so food and beverage manufacturers must look for reformulation options that taste good.

Consumers want additional health benefits in their products (for example: added vitamins, minerals, calcium, Omega 3).

Less than a quarter of parents believe they solely influence what their children eat. Ninety percent of parents try to ensure their children to have a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. But parents often find managing their children's diet a complex juggling act, constantly balancing "best nutrition" with the tastes and demands of their children. Parents are concerned about brands that target their children.
Tate & Lyle
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Treatt plc has launched Citreatt™ Expressed Key Lime 4164...

...the most recent addition to the company's range of natural FTNF (From The Named Food) concentrated and terpeneless citrus oils. The authentic notes of Citreatt Expressed Key Lime 4164 enable flavorists to capture the true character of key limes. Derived from the peel oil of key limes, Citreatt Expressed Key Lime provides a fruity, tangy lime flavor while retaining some of the creamy, juicy accents of the fresh fruit. A concentrated oil, it is approximately equivalent to 4-fold products. Suggested dosage is just 0.001% in the finished flavor. Produced using a low temperature, solvent extraction technique, Citreatt citrus oils retain the volatile and non-volatile flavor components which may be lost during concentration by traditional methods. Other flavors include orange, lemon and grapefruit.
Treatt plc

Ellison Bakery's cookie crunches and cookies can be customized for inclusion in ice cream novelties.

The company can also customize its manufacturing procedures to meet customers' unique product demands. In addition, the company offers a variety of stock products, which include crunch varieties, cookie fines, inclusions and cookies for ice cream sandwiches.
Ellison Bakery

Aura™ Flavors have been created by Danisco...

...as a set of formulation tools. They are intended to be an integral part of the composition of products that are wholly or partially sweetened by intense sweeteners.

Plant Equipment

DayMark® Safety Systems introduces TimeStrip® freshness indicators which automatically monitor freshness, help processors and distributors track food freshness in transit and in storage, thereby saving the expense and potential health hazards caused by spoiled or wasted food. TimeStrips are ideal for processors because they can be applied to food items where there is a high risk of bacteria such as dairy. To activate the TimeStrip, simply peel off the backing, squeeze the bubble at the back of the strip and apply it to the food container. Once activated, a purple mark appears that gradually moves along the white horizontal bar as the food approaches its expiration date. When the horizontal bar turns completely purple, it is time to discard the food. TimeStrips are available in two-, three-, five- and seven-day progression strips.
DayMark Safety Systems

Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. offers...

...its Fluid Systems® TFC®- SR®3 spiral nanofiltration elements for dairy applications, including deashing and separation of carbohydrates and proteins. Suited for whey pre-concentration, salt whey diafiltration, and lactose demineralization, the SR3 elements utilize a proprietary polyamide thin-film composite membrane. The molecular weight cut-off is such that the membrane will pass monovalent salts like sodium chloride, yet retain divalent salts, proteins and sugars. Retention of sugars, such as lactose, typically exceeds 99%. The SR3 dairy elements conform to USDA 3-A and FDA guidelines. For cleaning-in-place, the allowable pH range is 2.0 to 11.0. For continuous operation, the pH range is 3.0 to 10.0. Spiral elements are available in 4- and 8-inch diameters at the standard 38- and 39-inch lengths.
Koch Membrane Systems

Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed introduces two entry-level checkweighers...

...the A100 and A200. Designed for smaller packaging lines where space is a premium, most models deliver rates up to 250 ppm and accommodate a variety of packages. The A100 features single-motor construction and the stainless steel A200 includes a modular conveyor for easy maintenance and inspection.
Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed, Inc.

Aspiration Doors are now an option to the Rotex Megatex™ Screener...

...to remove unwanted, light-weight particles that are approximately the same size as the final product. The new doors improve grain quality when screening high volumes of grain and provide aspiration to the product stream to remove troublesome chaff that can contaminate the surrounding environment and clog other pieces of equipment during the load-out process. The Aspiration Doors can be built into a new machine or can be provided as a retrofit upgrade to Megatex screeners.
Rotex Inc.

Setra Systems, Inc. introduces...

...the Model 235 Wet-to-Wet, high line, differential pressure transducer. The Model 235 is designed for differential pressure measurement of liquids, including dairy products. Containing no liquid filled diaphragm, thus eliminating the possibility of batch contamination and thermal transient errors, the Model 235 wetted parts exposed to media are stainless steel, alumina ceramic, and glass. The Model 235 is accurate to +/- 0.18% of full-scale output with a total error band of +/- 0.5%.
Setra Systems, Inc.

Worcester Controls offers a range of specialty valve solutions...

...specifically designed for the food manufacturing industry's most critical service applications. Flowserve Worcester tube bore WK74 Series clean valves and Worcester high-performance cryogenic ball valves provide critical service environment operation in temperatures ranging from -320°F up to 600°F, and at pressures ranging from an average 150 psi up to 6,000 psi for specialized high-pressure applications such as margarine. Worcester Controls