Kansas City, Mo.-based Dairy Farmers of America Inc. announces the formation of a new Ingredients and Contract Manufacturing Division.

Ingredient sales have always been part of DFA’s value-added offerings, but the formation of a unified ingredients division will allow the cooperative to be more proactive in the rapidly growing field of dairy ingredients. “Ingredients is a growth area with real potential, which is why DFA management and the Board are dedicating more resources to it,” says Mark Korsmeyer, president of DFA’s Dairy Food Products. “This new division will better allow us to meet the growing demands of our customers both domestically and internationally.”

According to Korsmeyer, dairy is no longer simply a domestic product. Ingredients like cheese powders, condensed whole and skim milk, dairy flavors and casein are used in a variety of products around the world, including baby formula, ice cream and flavored dairy beverages. Already a manufacturer of these ingredients, DFA is in a position to strengthen its role in the ingredients arena.

DFA’s management and board of directors constantly look for ways to carry out the cooperative’s mission to deliver value to members. The new division is one of many ways DFA is increasing returns to its members.

At the helm of the new division will be Chief Operating Officer Art Farris. Farris currently serves as executive vice president of DFA’s Dairy Food Products. He has been with DFA and its predecessor cooperative, Mid-America Dairymen Inc., for 29 years. Farris will be responsible for driving strategic and operational initiatives for the newly formed ingredients division, in addition to continuing strategic and operational oversight for the contract manufacturing division.

“The goal of this new division is to improve returns for our members on milk processed in our facilities,” Farris says. “We are working to ensure that we continue to provide quality products and safe operations.”

Other positions in the new division include Tim Opper as vice president, ingredients manufacturing; Lavonne Dietrich, vice president of sales and marketing for DFA International and Ingredient sales; and Rusty Golliher as director, engineering.

Dairy Farmers of America Inc. is a dairy marketing cooperative that serves and is owned by more than 18,000 dairy farmers in 48 states. DFA is one of the country’s most diversified manufacturers of dairy products, food components and ingredients, and is a leader in formulating and packaging shelf-stable dairy products.


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