ROVEMA Packaging Machines, Lawrenceville, Ga., has appointed the Trillium Machinery Group to serve its Canadian market. Rovema has sought a foreign partner in the lucrative Canadian market. "Trillium brings over 85 years of experience to the packaging industry," said Klaus Kraemer, president of Rovema. "We look forward to working with them over the coming years." Trillium Machinery Group, based in Oakville, Ontario, provides a complete range of automatic and semi-automatic packaging machinery and systems to the Food/Beverage/Confectionery, Pharmaceutical/Cosmetic/Personal Care, and Chemical/Detergent Industries to the Canadian market.

Ruchti Stainless, Inc. has entered into a service agreement with R. Mueller Service and Equipment Company, Inc. With that, R. Mueller Service and Equipment Co.will incorporate the stainless welding arm into its operation as RMR Stainless, LLC. R. Mueller Service and Equipment Co., Inc. specializes in the sale, installation and service of centrifuges, process control systems and CIP cleaning equipment for the dairy industry. "Fabrication is a specialized business," explains president and owner, Steve Phillipps. "This new alliance allows us to offer another specialized service to our customers, many of who are the same."

Easy Contract Labeling announces the addition of a new high-speed shrink sleeve label line to their Atlanta-based facility. "Explosive customer growth justifies this automated system," said Easy Contract Labeling General Manager Clarence Jacobs. "Colorful shrink sleeves on bottles are an effective marketing tool for retail packages, so demand for our services is strong."

Nelson-Jameson, Inc., a wide-line supplier to the food and dairy industry, has added of two new Remco items to its product line: Ergonomic Sieve Shovel and Ultra Hygiene Bench Squeegee. Both new products are a part of the Vikan hygiene system®, Intelligent Cleaning Technology. The Ergonomic Sieve Shovel is designed to make sifting and draining applications less of a chore. The shovel's ergonomic design and elongated 51" D-grip handle reduces strain when bending and lifting. Made from injection molded polypropylene, it's lightweight, sturdy and ready for the task at hand. This FDA- and USDA-approved shovel is also chemical and corrosion resistant.

Providing maximum hygiene in a single blade, the popular Ultra Hygiene Squeegee is now available in a smaller size. It's the ideal squeegee for moving liquids and solids in tabletop work areas and can be used for cleaning vats and equipment at as well. The ultra-hygienic one-piece design discourages the harboring of bacteria and allows for ease of cleaning.

Arlene and Tom Sawvel


Ice cream makers visiting Worldwide Food Expo took time to bid farewell to Tom Sawvel of T.D. Sawvel, Maple Plain, Minn., a manufacturer of filling equipment. A surprise retirement party was held at Big Bowl Restaurant. Sawvel began his business 28 years ago with a verbal order for seven units after constructing the first prototype in his garage. The company now serves a broad customer base that includes Ben & Jerry's Good Humor-Breyers and Kemps. Tom's son Troy will take over the company.