Allen Flavors, a family owned, full service flavor company has been a leading force in the flavor and beverage market for over a decade.

Specializing in custom formulations, the company is the complete product development arm for one of the leading new age beverage manufacturers. Allen Flavors also supplies green tea for both the #1 shelf stable beverage and the #1 refrigerated beverage in the country.

Along with supplying instant tea and tea essences, the Allen Flavors premium iced tea pre-mixes are favored throughout the industry as they combine the newest teas, such as Rooibus, Oolong and White, with a host of vitamins and natural flavors, and are packed according to batch size.

Allen Flavors also produces drink bases (with varying amounts of juice concentrate) and currently has produced a new line of tropical drink bases. New products also include diet beverages with Sucralose, flavored lemonades, flavored waters and new wave energy drinks. So take the Allen Flavors challenge: “Give us a concept and we’ll give you a product, ready for bottling.”