An industry leader for over 35 years, Ivarson Inc. has revolutionized the food processing and packaging industry. Ivarson offers a diverse line of processing and packaging equipment for margarine, butter and cheese. All equipment manufactured and distributed by Ivarson is built with our commitment to quality and backed by strong customer service. Whatever your need, you can consider us your number one equipment and service source!

With the use of advanced technology, each piece of equipment manufactured under the Ivarson name is engineered to exact specifications. Each machine is carefully handcrafted and assembled, ensuring you a quality product that will meet your current and future production needs.

Turnkey installations give us the experience for continuous improvement and development of equipment, benefiting our existing as well as future customers. Custom- engineered machines are available to meet your exact specifications.

Our line of equipment includes:

  • Bulk Fillers
  • Butter Chip Machines
  • Fat Melting and Reworking Systems
  • Butter Churns and Silos
  • Cartoners
  • Case Packers
  • Extruders
  • Packaging Machines
  • Pinmixers
  • Positive Pumps
  • Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
  • Product Feeding Systems
We also represent high quality European equipment manufacturers such as these:
  • ALPMA — Processing and packaging equipment for cheese. Specialists in unique packaging solutions.
  • Bock & Sohn — Fully automatic sheet and block packaging equipment for butter and edible fats.
  • Meco Pak — Specializing in fully automatic wrap around case and tray packers.
  • Simon Freres — Supplier of complete lines for production of butter: churns, pumps and reworking equipment.
  • Crellin — Cheese moulds available in small or large quantities, suitable for fully automatic cheese plants.
  • Paramelt — Europe’s leading specialist in cheese wax, inventory is available locally from Milwaukee in a wide variety of colors.
  • Rothenburg — High capacity silos and reworking systems for frozen butter.
  • Benhil — The worldwide leader in butter and margarine stick wrapping equipment.