2012-08-05-International-Delight.gifInternational Delight Iced coffee and Baileys Coffee Creamer from HP Hood get the star treatment in this week's free-standing inserts. Meanwhile, General Mills makes a big push with Yoplait, and Dannon promotes a new Greek yogurt SKU.

New flavors for coffee beverages from International Delight, Baileys

WhiteWave Foods (a Dean Foods division) instructs readers to "enjoy authentic coffeehouse taste, without waiting in line." Its International Delight beverage, made with 100% premium Arabica coffee, is sold in original, vanilla and mocha flavors. A fourth, caramel macchiato, will be released in the fall. The FSI includes the Facebook logo and the tagline: International Delight Ice Coffee — It's better at home.

HP Hood packs Baileys Coffee Creamer. The FSI shows three new flavors: brown butter pecan, triple sweet cream and latte macchiato. The non-alcoholic creamers are made in nine other flavors. The FSI includes the Facebook logo and the website address, BaileysCreamers.com.

Dannon, Yoplait promote the healthy features of their yogurts

Yoplait states a serving of its Light yogurt contains 90 calories and that the General Mills brand is the only yogurt endorsed by Weight Watchers. The FSI includes the Walmart logo and a website, everydaysaver.com/Walmart, where shoppers can print coupons for other General Mills products. A second FSI for Yoplait Original proclaims that all the flavors are made with "natural colors, flavors, and sweeteners." It, too, bears the Walmart logo.

As part of a larger General Mills Box Tops for Education feature, Yoplait's children's brands (Trix, Splitz and Kids) offers two box tops. An FSI for Yoplait light states the Weight Watchers' PointsPlus value (two per serving).

Meanwhile, Dannon introduces its new Light & Fit Greek nonfat yogurt with a picture of a four-pack under the headline "Help silence those tempting thoughts." Dannon touts the protein content (twice that of regular low-fat yogurt) and the yogurt's 80 calories per serving.

Elsewhere in this week's FSIs:
An FSI for Smart Balance (GFA Brands) is headlined "Butter and Milk Made Better" and shows the brand's fat-free milk with omega-3s and its spreadable butter blended with canola oil.