Todd Meussling

Todd Meussling, senior manager of market development for Appleton, Wis.-based Fresh-Lock, joins Dairy Foods for Episode 42 of its “Let’s Talk Dairy” podcast. During this podcast, Meussling discusses sustainability and flexible packaging.

The Fresh-Lock brand provides press-to-close zipper and track and slider reclosable solutions for flexible packaging. Fresh-Lock products are designed and produced by Presto Products, a business of Reynolds Consumer Products.  

During this podcast, Meussling discusses the following: 

  • The importance of recloseable flexible packaging, how it helps keep products fresh, and its contribution to combating food waste.
  • How flexible packaging appeals to environmentally sensitive consumers.
  • Ways dairy processors can reduce waste management in cheese packaging.
  • How processors can work to educate consumers about proper disposal methods.
  • What changes we could see in the future for recloseable flexible packaging as it pertains to dairy processors.

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