Daisy introduced Daisy Sour Cream Dips. Now available at major retailers, this adds a carefully curated blend of herbs and spices to fan-favorite Daisy sour cream, delivering creamy dips that complement any snack or mealtime spread, the company said.

The new Daisy Brand Sour Cream Dips come in two flavors:

  • Daisy French OnionDaisy French Onion offers a robust caramelly-toasted onion flavor with delicate garlic undertones.
  • Daisy Creamy Ranch: Daisy Creamy Ranch features a full-bodied garlic flavor with a mix of hand-selected spices for fresh flavor in every bite.

Daisy Sour Cream Dips are made with clean, high-quality ingredients. The dips are free from thickeners, stabilizers, preservatives, added MSG (monosodium glutamate), and non-dairy allergens.

"Daisy Dips are delicately blended to deliver a creamy, dynamic flavor that is so fresh you would swear they were made from scratch," said Erik Christensen, director of marketing. "We are excited for consumers to now be able to dip a dollop with Daisy."