Nelson-Jameson Inc., a distributor in the food processing industry, announced a newly expanded agreement with dsm-firmenich, a global nutrition, health, and beauty manufacturer that manufacturers sustainable nutrients, flavors, and fragrances. 

Nelson-Jameson has been the exclusive distributor for cheese ingredients of dsm-firmenich for more than 20 years and will now be the exclusive distributor for its fresh dairy segment ingredients, including yogurt, buttermilk, and sour cream.

“This strategic partnership marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the longstanding relationship between Nelson-Jameson and dsm-firmenich,” says Peter Kempe, Nelson-Jameson’s Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Ingredients. “With dsm-firmenich’s expertise in taste, texture, and health, and Nelson-Jameson’s distribution and logistics, the strengths combine to create a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.”

Nelson-Jameson provides fresh dairy cultures, lactase enzymes, and taste modulators. The fresh dairy cultures enhance taste, texture, and extend shelf life to prevent food waste and spoilage. The lactase enzymes break down lactose, and taste modulators are used to enhance the taste of dairy products to improve their nutritional value and provide a more enjoyable sensory experience for consumers.

 Nelson-Jameson also provides solutions that offer health benefits, such as probiotic cultures and vitamin A and vitamin D enhancements in fresh dairy products. The strategic agreement is designed to meet all the needs of the fermented milk market, from product development to distribution to final consumption and enjoyment.

 “Nelson-Jameson’s industry leadership in food processing supplies and its distribution efficiency are a natural fit for our further expansion into fresh dairy,” says Eric Aspenson, Sales Director of Dairy in North America at dsm-firmenich. “The market position that we have jointly established in cheese product ingredients over the past two decades has set the stage for us to be mutually successful in fermented milk products, while providing consumers with innovative, safe, and high-quality foods and beverages.”