Silgan University-College of Closures announced its newest offering, an online Learning Management System (LMS). This learn-at-your-own-pace educational platform allows students to complete three closure courses from the comfort of their home or office.

Our industry has new employees in new positions and some of our seasoned talent is gone. Training employees and transferring knowledge has never been more important than today. Silgan University Online can provide employees a better understanding of closure essentials. Students will explore the topics of closures basics and materials, quality control procedures, and manufacturing.

“We’ve found that our Silgan U classes benefit anyone who works with closures, from the production line to procurement.  The lessons provide brand owners with a better understanding of their supply chain, resulting in a stronger relationship with their closure supplier. For the first time ever, our proven educational content is available for free to the entire packaging industry” says A.J. Miller, director of marketing at Silgan Closures.

There are three closure courses to choose from that focus on steel, aluminum, and plastic, all targeting the food and beverage industry. To enroll, students log into the platform and register for the class. Then they choose their course material (aluminum, steel, or plastic). From there, they begin the lessons and work at their own pace, on their own time. Through engaging lessons, they work toward the goal of course completion, and eventually a Silgan University diploma. 

Silgan University-College of Closures is for any packaging professional that is looking for a deeper understanding of closure manufacturing, the global supply chain, and protecting the world’s food supply. Consumer-packaged goods companies, contract packagers, distributors, and manufacturers, alike, will benefit from the course knowledge. Silgan University-College of Closures are also available to universities so that packaging students can have access to our expertise and resources and be better equipped in the area of closures.

The launch of the online Silgan University LMS complements the existing in-person Silgan U content that Silgan’s customers know and love. The online platform today is available to all companies that work within food and beverage packaging and can be used as a part of onboarding and training.