Lallemand introduced LALCULT Protect MC1.

Mold and yeast contaminations in dairy products pose a significant risk to both consumers and dairy producers alike. This issue can lead to organoleptic alterations such as color and taste defects in various dairy products, including milk, cheese, and yogurt. 

LALCULT Protect MC1 has been designed to prevent mold as illustrated in the opposite figure but also yeast growth, according to the company. This helps extend the shelf life of dairy products, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for producers. By implementing LALCULT Protect MC1, companies can ensure the safety and quality of their products while maintaining consumer trust and brand reputation, the company added.

LALCULT Protect MC1 is a bioprotective solution through its strong activity, ease of use and large range of applications (yogurt-type dairy specialties, sour cream, fresh cheeses, ripened cheeses, sliced and grated cheeses but also plant‐based analogs).