Bühler opened its Customer Operations Center (COPC), which is tasked with providing the company’s food customers with instant support in critical instances where a processor is experiencing an unforeseen production stoppage. 

Utilizing the RemoteCare service, a processor is able to work directly with a local Bühler representative to troubleshoot and find a solution with minimal downtime. This first level of support is delivered within a two-hour window. If a case escalation is needed, the local expert will involve a regional customer operations specialist to provide specialized support on the second level. If further escalation is needed, experts from the headquarters organization will be involved to troubleshoot and fix the issue. Throughout the process, a COPC representative stays in contact with the customer, providing an open channel of communication until the issue is resolved. 

“We created the Customer Operation Center and the RemoteCare service to help our customers in their most critical time of need,” says Ricky Bennett, Customer Service Operations Manager for Bühler North America. “We’re providing an instant, always-on support channel that will help quickly resolve their issue and get their operations back online, and save them money typically spent on travel for a technician. This has the added benefit of reducing our customers’ overall carbon footprint.” 

“Bühler is constantly innovating in our technological solutions, as well as in the services we offer,” says Anthony Chavez, Senior Vice President of Customer Service for Bühler North America. “And the new COPC is another way we are partnering with our customers for better outcomes. When we combine the customer’s knowledge of their business, with the technical expertise of our local and regional experts, we stand a very good chance of getting a down operation, up and running quickly.”