Cheesemakers is celebrating its 25th anniversary of providing Mexican cheese to customers around the world. Founded in 1997, Cheesemakers is a family-run business where the dream started early in childhood for James C. Keliehor, P.E. — on the family farm in South Texas where fresh dairy products were made. From butter to cheese curds, little did anyone know this would be the beginning impressions of a thriving business.

Today, Cheesemakers provides Mexican cheese, providing a wide variety of cheeses to customers in the United StatesMexico, and beyond. Cheesemakers offers a variety of authentic Mexican style cheeses, including queso fresco, queso blanco panela, queso Oaxaca, queso Cotija, and more. In addition, Cheesemakers has developed a line of specialty goat cheeses, such as peppercorn, garlic and cilantro, and candied jalapeno hatch.

Headquartered in Montgomery County, Texas, the company's manufacturing plant is an FDA and Texas Department of Health inspected facility, as well as being Third Party Audited in accordance with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Cheesemakers is further certified as a Safe Quality Food (SQF) facility.

Cheesemakers products at the following locations in Texas: Jaimito Mexican Style Cheeses and Lone Star Chevre (named for the location of the plant in Montgomery County, Texas birthplace of the Lone Star Flag and his daughter as she is his "Little Miss Lone Star"), in gourmet grocery stores, restaurants and hotels.